FC Cincinnati is committed to leaving a legacy, creating something bigger than ourselves, and being the embodiment of a rising Cincinnati. Our commitment to addressing racial disparities and social injustices in our community, city, and region is demonstrated by dedicated actions with both internally and externally facing initiatives to ensure we continue to build an inclusive club.



FCC Futures

Presented by Old Spice, Taft High School students participate in this sports administration program gaining first-hand experience working at TQL Stadium and through education sessions.

FCC Staff Education and Dialogue Sessions

FC Cincinnati has partnered with Dr. Janet Reid of BRBS World for ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion dialogue and education sessions for all front office staff.

Career Development Programs

FC Cincinnati partners with organizations to create career-focused program opportunities, including construction, culinary and more, for our neighbors in the West End and the greater community.

TQL Stadium Economic Inclusion

FC Cincinnati is proud to have exceeded our economic inclusion construction goals with 70% inclusion and over $180 million spent with MBE, WBE and SBE businesses.

Support of External Partners

FC Cincinnati supports local organizations as we work to foster an inclusive community in our region.