The FC Cincinnati 2024 Season Ticket Memberships are sold out. Secure your priority access to future Season Ticket Membership availability for just $200 by joining The Orange and Blue Reserve. This guarantees your spot in line for season tickets once they become available while also providing additional benefits.

Orange And Blue Reserve FAQ
Orange And Blue Reserve FAQ

What seats are going to be available for me to select once I get called?

Most of our available tickets are going to be in the 200 level, and the Bailey. Once you become a Season Ticket Holder you will be able to review available seats during our Seat Improvement Process.

What is the maximum number of seats I can sign up for on the waitlist?

The limit per account is four (4) seats, but you can select any range from 1-4 seats depending on how many Season Tickets you would like to purchase when you get selected.

If I’m contacted about Season Tickets and am unable to purchase at the time, can I decline?

Yes, you are able to defer three times before you will be moved to the end of the waitlist.

Will I be able to move my seat location after being offered seats?

Each year, Season Ticket Members who have renewed their Season Tickets by the renewal due date, will be eligible to participate in Season Ticket Member relocation. STMs can view available seats and choose new seat locations from available inventory at that time. Please be advised that the number of seats available for relocation will fluctuate based on available inventory.

Does my $200 membership cost go towards my ticket purchase?

No, there are tangible benefits associated with your Orange and Blue Reserve Membership, once it is your turn to select FC Cincinnati Season Tickets you will pay full price for the tickets.

Can I put my FC Cincinnati Season Tickets on a payment plan?

Yes. Our ticketing team offers a multitude of flexible payment options that you can choose depending on the right fit for your account.

How will I know when it is my turn to select?

When your spot comes to the top of the Orange and Blue Reserve you will be called directly by your personal customer service representative with the club. Upon first contact (with your representative) you will have 72 hours to transition into the available seats.

How will I know my exact number on the waitlist?

FC Cincinnati will send you a yearly email, at the end of our Seat Improvement Process to let you know where you stand on the waitlist.

How long will my membership last for?

All memberships run on a seasonal basis. The conclusion on your 2024 Orange and Blue Reserve Membership will be on the last day of the 2024 regular season, assuming you do not get selected to purchase FC Cincinnati Season Tickets for the 2025 season.

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For additional questions regarding your membership or benefits, please reach out to your personal service account representative. You can also contact the FC Cincinnati Ticket Sales Team below: