Press Release

FC Cincinnati acquire up to $175,000 in GAM from Toronto FC

2022 Ball

CINCINNATI – FC Cincinnati have acquired $50,000 in 2022 General Allocation Money (GAM) and $75,000 in 2023 GAM, in addition to $50,000 in conditional GAM, and the No. 2 spot in the Allocation Ranking from Toronto FC, the club announced today. In return, the Orange and Blue send the No. 1 spot in the Allocation Ranking to Toronto.

Toronto have acquired a player with the No. 1 spot in the Ranking, so FC Cincinnati will return to the No. 1 spot, while Toronto will move to the bottom of the list. For full details on the rules surrounding Allocation Ranking, read here.

TRANSACTION: FC Cincinnati acquire $50,000 in 2022 GAM, $75,000 in 2023 GAM, $50,000 in conditional GAM and the No. 2 Allocation Ranking from Toronto FC in exchange for the No. 1 Allocation Ranking on August 4, 2022.