Bailey Information  -

These policies are designed to encourage the passionate support that has made Cincinnati famous the world over as a soccer city while also maintaining a safe and positive environment for fans.

  • Mobile Ticketing: As a reminder, all tickets at TQL Stadium are mobile – there are no more wristbands used for Bailey entry. Please be sure to access your mobile tickets through the FC Cincinnati app by logging into your SeatGeek account. We recommend placing your tickets into your mobile wallet before arriving to ensure a smooth entry experience. For more information on the FC Cincinnati app click here.
  • The Incline Collective: The Incline Collective is an organization made up of all our independent supporters’ group (SG) partners. We look to the member groups of the Incline to be the first line of communication about everything happening within the Bailey on matchday. As such, we encourage all members of the Bailey to seek out and participate in one of these SGs. Although there are many groups that stand in the Bailey, they all come together on matchday to support as one, unified voice. To learn more about the SGs of the Incline or to become a member of one, visit here.
  • Temporarily Reserved Access for Incline Members: In past years, the center section of the Bailey would be roped off until the supporters’ march arrived at the stadium. This year, to simplify things, we are implementing a temporarily reserved access area for supporters. This reserved area policy is in place to preserve standing spots for people who wish to take part in the supporters’ march to TQL Stadium. For more information on the march, visit here. The lower half of the Bailey will be reserved for Incline members only until ten (10) minutes after the supporters’ march enters the stadium. To access the lower half of the Bailey during this pre-match period, you must show an Incline Membership Card. These cards are issued by Incline SGs to all members. Only one person will be admitted to the lower half of the Bailey per card. Ten (10) minutes after the supporters’ march enters, anyone wishing to relocate to the lower section of the Bailey may do so, regardless of Incline membership status.
  • Safe Standing: As many of you have already experienced, the all-new Bailey is a safe standing area. There are no seats or bleachers in The Bailey. Other than the temporary reserved access period noted above, the Bailey is general admission and spaces to stand can be claimed on a first come, first serve basis. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and avoid excessive “seat saving” for people who are not present in the section. Please also be mindful of overcrowding single areas. Do not rush or crowd any area of the Bailey, even temporarily to celebrate a goal or big moment. There are many incredible vantage points within the Bailey, so spread out and give your fellow supporters some space to sing, clap and dance!
  • Capo Stands & Drumming Platforms: Throughout the Bailey, special platforms have been erected to give capos (the people with megaphones who help lead songs) and drummers spaces to stand. Only specifically designated individuals may occupy these stands or use megaphones and instruments in the Bailey. Entering a capo stand or the drum platform without prior approval is grounds for ejection from the Bailey and loss of season ticket privileges.
  • Flags and On-Site Storage: Supporters’ Groups are now allowed to store certain items on-site at TQL Stadium, including flags. These flags are placed around the Bailey by volunteers prior to the match. We encourage the flags to wave all match. As you exit, there will be marked bins to deposit flags so they can be stored and brought out again at future matches. These flags are paid for entirely by the Incline, so please remember to leave them in the bins so they can be re-used.
  • Tifo Rigging: With a new stadium comes all-new ways to present tifos and visual displays prior to the match. This rigging, like what you might see at other new stadiums around MLS, will allow for bigger displays and new ways to show our passion for city and club. We anticipate the rigging system will be ready for July matches. When it is being used, please follow all directions of SG leadership, drummers, and capos (megaphone holders) so that any display can be coordinated.

Other Bailey Policy Reminders

  • Singing: Everyone in the Bailey is encouraged to sing and participate in the songs. Vocal talent is not required. Lyrics for common songs can be found at here.
  • Instruments and megaphones: Only pre-approved members of the Incline Collective are permitted to bring instruments into the Bailey. No outside instruments or megaphones will be permitted.
  • Flags: Flags may be brought in with the supporters' march and waved throughout the match, and therefore may occasionally obstruct your view of the match. If you find your view is obstructed by flag waving, you may relocate elsewhere within the Bailey. SMOKE: Smoke devices are set off at kickoff and after every FC Cincinnati goal. Only approved fans, with prior approval from the club, can deploy smoke. No outside smoke devices are permitted. Deploying smoke without prior authorization will be grounds for ejection from the Bailey and loss of season ticket member privileges.
  • Zero-tolerance for racism, hate or bigotry: The member organizations of the Incline have a zero-tolerance policy for any speech or actions, directed towards the field at players or towards other fans in the stadium, of a racist or hateful nature. The Bailey is a section where all persons should feel welcome to show their passion for club and city. Any action not consistent with these values should be reported to SG leadership or to FC Cincinnati directly.
  • Opposing Team: Opposing team fans, colors including yellow-colored items are not allowed.

Reminder: The MLS Fan Code of Conduct is always in effect on TQL Stadium grounds. We hope you are as excited for this upcoming season as we are. Our move to TQL Stadium gives us an opportunity to showcase the passion and excitement of Cincinnati on a new stage. We could not have accomplished any of this without you, our dedicated supporters.