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Welcome to TQL Stadium’s A to Z Guide – your comprehensive resource for everything related to FC Cincinnati and TQL Stadium. For questions about information that is not found here, please contact our Guest Experience team at GuestExperience@tqlstadium.com



Accessible Stadium Entry

For the convenience of any guest with a disability, all gates at TQL Stadium are equipped with easily accessible lines to minimize wait times. If you have a medical condition or a medical card that prevents you from being inspected by a metal detector or passing through a magnetometer, an alternative method of screening will be used.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices are available and complimentary to guests for all stadium events. These devices are located in the Guest Experience Center behind Section E6/220. Guests may check out these devices by providing a credit card or Photo ID. Any questions regarding Assisted Listening Devices should be directed to the Guest Experience Center.

Closed Captioning:

Closed captioning can be found on the four corners of the ribbon board of TQL Stadium.

ADA Tickets

TQL Stadium offers wheelchair accessible and low mobility seating on each level of the stadium at comparable prices and sightlines. Tickets for all ADA sections are available to purchase through SeatGeek.com or through the FC Cincinnati Ticketing Department. They can be reached prior to each event at (513) 977-5425. For additional information, please refer to section Ticket Sales.

Administrative Offices

TQL Stadium

1501 Central Parkway

Cincinnati, OH 45214

Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm

Phone: (513) 991-1800

Mercy Health Center of Excellence

1508 John Street

Cincinnati, OH 45214

FC Cincinnati – Front Office

14 East 4th Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

Phone: 513-991-1800

Mercy Health Training Center

Not Open to the Public

Alcohol Policy

All alcohol sales within the seating bowl of TQL Stadium will end at the 75-minute mark for FC Cincinnati games. FC Cincinnati staff members strongly encourage all guests to exercise responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fans should be aware of the following policies during FC Cincinnati games and all major events at TQL Stadium:

  • Stadium management reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time without warning
  • Any fan that shows signs of impairment and/or intoxication may not be allowed to enter or may be removed from TQL Stadium and subject to arrest
  • No alcoholic beverages served inside the stadium can be taken off-site.
  • State of Ohio law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age. All fans should be prepared to show proper identification to the concessionaire staff member.
  • Proper identification is any official government issued identification
  • Please note: We cannot accept clipped IDs with paperwork as a form of identification
  • Concessionaire staff members reserve the right to deny services to fans that show signs of impairment and/or intoxication
  • Fans providing alcoholic beverages to person less than 21 years of age may be ejected from TQL Stadium and subject to arrest
  • Fans possessing alcohol that do not have proper identification when requested by a concessionaire or security staff member may be ejected
  • A maximum of two alcoholic beverages will be sold per person per transaction
  • It is the responsibility of each guest to ensure that they have a safe means of transportation when leaving the facility.
  • Please note, the alcohol policy for all non-FCC events will be determined in coordination with the event promoter.


All properly identified guide, signal and service animals are welcome within the gates of TQL Stadium. All other animals are prohibited inside the stadium. For information regarding service animals, please refer to section Service Animals.

App Assistance

The FC Cincinnati – TQL Stadium app provides fans with the gateway to their tickets, parking passes, and a unique game day experience. To download the app, visit the Apple IOS or Google Play Store.


TQL Stadium is a cash free stadium. Guests will have the option to visit our Reverse ATMs located at the Team Store, Section 103, and Section 125 where you can receive a universal debit card that can be used both in and outside the stadium. Fans will not be charged any service fees and the universal debit card can be used.

For more information on our Reserve ATMs, please refer to section Reverse ATM, and for more information on our cash free policy, please refer to section Cash Free.


Baby Changing Tables

For your convenience, baby changing tables are available in all public restrooms, including family restrooms, as well as the nursing room located in the Guest Experience Center.

Bag Searches

All bags brought in TQL Stadium must be compliant with the clear bag policy. All guests will be subject to a search of their person and possessions prior to entering TQL Stadium. Guests should be prepared to open their clear bags to be inspected upon direction by security staff. Guests may be asked to move/remove items from their bags in order to complete a full inspection. (See Clear Bag Policy)

Bailey Information

These policies are designed to encourage the passionate support that has made Cincinnati famous the world over as a soccer city while also maintaining a safe and positive environment for fans.

  • Mobile Ticketing: As a reminder, all tickets at TQL Stadium are mobile – there are no more wristbands used for Bailey entry. Please be sure to access your mobile tickets through the FC Cincinnati app by logging into your SeatGeek account. We recommend placing your tickets into your mobile wallet before arriving to ensure a smooth entry experience. For more information on the FC Cincinnati app click here.
  • The Incline Collective: The Incline Collective is an organization made up of all our independent supporters’ group (SG) partners. We look to the member groups of the Incline to be the first line of communication about everything happening within the Bailey on matchday. As such, we encourage all members of the Bailey to seek out and participate in one of these SGs. Although there are many groups that stand in the Bailey, they all come together on matchday to support as one, unified voice. To learn more about the SGs of the Incline or to become a member of one, visit here.
  • Temporarily Reserved Access for Incline Members: In past years, the center section of the Bailey would be roped off until the supporters’ march arrived at the stadium. This year, to simplify things, we are implementing a temporarily reserved access area for supporters. This reserved area policy is in place to preserve standing spots for people who wish to take part in the supporters’ march to TQL Stadium. For more information on the march, visit here. The lower half of the Bailey will be reserved for Incline members only until ten (10) minutes after the supporters’ march enters the stadium. To access the lower half of the Bailey during this pre-match period, you must show an Incline Membership Card. These cards are issued by Incline SGs to all members. Only one person will be admitted to the lower half of the Bailey per card. Ten (10) minutes after the supporters’ march enters, anyone wishing to relocate to the lower section of the Bailey may do so, regardless of Incline membership status.
  • Safe Standing: As many of you have already experienced, the all-new Bailey is a safe standing area. There are no seats or bleachers in The Bailey. Other than the temporary reserved access period noted above, the Bailey is general admission and spaces to stand can be claimed on a first come, first serve basis. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and avoid excessive “seat saving” for people who are not present in the section. Please also be mindful of overcrowding single areas. Do not rush or crowd any area of the Bailey, even temporarily to celebrate a goal or big moment. There are many incredible vantage points within the Bailey, so spread out and give your fellow supporters some space to sing, clap and dance!
  • Capo Stands & Drumming Platforms: Throughout the Bailey, special platforms have been erected to give capos (the people with megaphones who help lead songs) and drummers spaces to stand. Only specifically designated individuals may occupy these stands or use megaphones and instruments in the Bailey. Entering a capo stand or the drum platform without prior approval is grounds for ejection from the Bailey and loss of season ticket privileges.
  • Flags and On-Site Storage: Supporters’ Groups are now allowed to store certain items on-site at TQL Stadium, including flags. These flags are placed around the Bailey by volunteers prior to the match. We encourage the flags to wave all match. As you exit, there will be marked bins to deposit flags so they can be stored and brought out again at future matches. These flags are paid for entirely by the Incline, so please remember to leave them in the bins so they can be re-used.
  • Tifo Rigging: With a new stadium comes all-new ways to present tifos and visual displays prior to the match. This rigging, like what you might see at other new stadiums around MLS, will allow for bigger displays and new ways to show our passion for city and club. We anticipate the rigging system will be ready for July matches. When it is being used, please follow all directions of SG leadership, drummers, and capos (megaphone holders) so that any display can be coordinated.

Bailey Policy Reminders

  • Singing: Everyone in the Bailey is encouraged to sing and participate in the songs. Vocal talent is not required. Lyrics for common songs can be found at here.
  • Instruments and megaphones: Only pre-approved members of the Incline Collective are permitted to bring instruments into the Bailey. No outside instruments or megaphones will be permitted.
  • Flags: Flags may be brought in with the supporters' march and waved throughout the match, and therefore may occasionally obstruct your view of the match. If you find your view is obstructed by flag waving, you may relocate elsewhere within the Bailey. SMOKE: Smoke devices are set off at kickoff and after every FC Cincinnati goal. Only approved fans, with prior approval from the club, can deploy smoke. No outside smoke devices are permitted. Deploying smoke without prior authorization will be grounds for ejection from the Bailey and loss of season ticket member privileges.
  • Zero-tolerance for racism, hate or bigotry: The member organizations of the Incline have a zero-tolerance policy for any speech or actions, directed towards the field at players or towards other fans in the stadium, of a racist or hateful nature. The Bailey is a section where all persons should feel welcome to show their passion for club and city. Any action not consistent with these values should be reported to SG leadership or to FC Cincinnati directly.
  • Opposing Team: Opposing team fans, colors including yellow-colored items are not allowed.

Balloons & Other Inflatables

Balloons and other inflatable objects are not permitted inside of TQL Stadium. (See Prohibited Items List)

Bicycle Parking

There are several self-service bike rack locations in the immediate area surrounding TQL Stadium that guests arriving via bicycle are encouraged to take advantage of on event day. Bike racks for fan use are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be located along the exterior of the building near entry gates.


Binoculars are allowed inside TQL Stadium however they must be brought into the stadium in compliance with the clear bag policy. They must not be in their own case that exceeds the permissible size for non-clear bags.


Blankets are permitted at TQL Stadium. Blankets are subject to standard screening procedures. If there is a bag that holds the blanket, the bag must still meet the stadium bag policy.

Box Office

The TQL Stadium Box Offices are located directly outside of the Allegiant Gate, on the South side of the stadium, and on the East Plaza directly outside of the First Financial Gate, on the East side of the stadium. The box office opens 4 hours prior to each event, and remains open until the end of the event.

Broadcast Info

MLS Season Pass on the Apple TV app is the only place to watch every FC Cincinnati match during the 2023 season, including playoffs, with no blackouts or restrictions. A subscription to MLS Season Pass on Apple TV is included with a full-season ticket membership (one per account). Subscribe Now or visit the Season Ticket Member FAQ.


Camera Policy

Guests are welcome to bring any still cameras without a detachable lens into TQL Stadium to take pictures of the game or of the facility itself. Video cameras, tripods, monopods, cameras with a detachable lens, and selfie sticks are prohibited. All cameras are subject to search and all camera cases are subject to the Clear Bag Policy standards.

Cash Free

In an effort to reduce wait times and get guests back to their seats faster, TQL Stadium is cash-free. Payments accepted at retail and concessions locations include all major credit cards, debit cards, mobile barcodes, FCC gift cards and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

There are three cash-to-card Reverse ATMs located throughout the stadium. Guests with cash who do not have a valid credit or debit card can insert their cash into the self-service ATM and will receive a pre-paid card back for the same amount of money. No service fee is charged to the fan and the cards can be used anywhere VISA cards are accepted.

Guests can load any amount of money from $1 up to $100 per card without a transaction fee. All cards can be used inside or outside the stadium, allowing guests to use everywhere major cards are accepted.

Cash-to-card ATMs will be located at the following areas:

  • Team Store (Field Level)
  • Concourse Level – Section 103
  • Concourse Level – Section 125

Child Identification Wristbands

Guests may pick up a wristband from the Guest Experience Center located on the Concourse Level behind Section E6 that indicates their seat location for their child in the event that they become separated.

Clear Bag Policy

TQL Stadium will be implementing a Clear Bag Policy in order to provide a safer environment for guests and expedite entry into the Stadium.

The Clear Bag Policy affects the type and size of the bags permitted into the Stadium, not the items (keys, phones, wallets, etc.). Clear bags are available at the Team Store.

Based on recommended public safety best practices, we strongly encourage fans not to bring any bags.

One of the below bags per person will be permitted inside TQL Stadium:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12”x6”x12”, or:
  • One-gallon re-sealable clear freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • In addition to one of the clear bags noted above, guests may also carry in a small clutch bag or purse no larger than 6”x9”, with or without a handle or strap
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary bags or items after proper inspection and Stadium Management approval

Code of Conduct

Major League Soccer, FC Cincinnati and TQL Stadium are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable gameday experience for all fans visiting MLS stadiums and facilities. MLS and its clubs are also deeply committed to fostering an inclusive environment, free of discrimination and harassment. This Fan Code of Conduct addresses conduct that is inconsistent with these goals and detracts from the gameday experience.

The following conduct is prohibited in TQL Stadium and all parking lots, facilities and areas controlled by FC Cincinnati or MLS:

  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, threatening, or violent in nature, including verbal or physical harassment of match officials, players, staff, or fans
  • Conduct that is illegal
  • Conduct that results in damage to the venue or other personal property
  • Displaying signs, symbols, images, using language or making gestures that are threatening, abusive, or discriminatory, including based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, ability, and/or sexual orientation
  • Displaying signs, symbols, or images for commercial purposes or for electioneering, campaigning, or advocating for or against any candidate, political party, legislative issue, or government action
  • Entering or attempting to enter the field, the tunnel, or any other location other than that permitted by the fan’s ticket or credential
  • Possession of an unauthorized pyrotechnic device, smoke or firework or other prohibited items
  • Throwing objects of any kind.
  • Failing to follow requests from venue staff regarding stadium operations, policies, and emergency response procedures
  • Declining to promptly return a ball that enters the stands
  • Irresponsible use or consumption of alcohol or other substances
  • Making unauthorized transmissions or play-by-play accounts of the game
  • Any behavior that otherwise targets other fans or interferes with other fans’ enjoyment of the game

Any fan who violates any of these provisions may be subject to penalty, including, but not limited to, ejection without refund, loss of ticket privileges for future games and revocation of season tickets. Any fan who (1) conducts themselves in an extremely disruptive or dangerous manner (Level 1 Offenses), or (2) commits multiple violations during a 12-month period, may be banned from attending future MLS matches for up to a year or longer. Level 1 Offenses include, but are not limited to, violent behavior, threatening, abusive or discriminatory conduct or language, trespassing or throwing objects onto the field, use or possession of unauthorized pyrotechnics or other dangerous Prohibited Items, or illegal conduct.

Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, individuals who violate this Fan Code of Conduct may be required to submit a written request for readmission and participate in an online Fan Code of Conduct Education Class (FCEC) in order to be reinstated.

Please note that MLS and its clubs reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who has engaged in harassment of match officials, opposing team members, staff or other fans who have otherwise violated this Code of Conduct using social or digital media or other forms of communication.

The listed behaviors are prohibited based on safety and violations will be subject to sanctions.

FC Cincinnati may also sanction a supporter’s group for violations of the Fan Code of Conduct.

MLS fans have the right to expect an environment where:

  • Fans are encouraged to cheer, sing, and otherwise support their club while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, referees and opposing club fans and players.
  • Fans enjoy the soccer experience free from fighting, thrown objects, attempts to enter the playing field, political or inciting messages and disorderly behavior, including foul, sexist, racial, obscene, or abusive language or gestures
  • Fans comply with requests from stadium staff regarding stadium policies and emergency response procedures
  • Fans promptly and carefully return the ball to a stadium staff member or the ball kid on the sidelines by handing the ball back down to field level in the event that a soccer ball enters the stands. Do not throw the ball back onto the field, this will obstruct play
  • Alcoholic beverages are consumed in a responsible manner and only by those of legal age
  • Fans conduct themselves in a lawful manner to avoid incidents in the stadium and in the parking lots


In addition to the MLS Fan Code of Conduct, the league has created a Pledge to Fans that protect fans’ rights within and around the facility.

MLS Pledge to Fans

  • Be able to watch the match in a safe, clean and healthy environment
  • Be treated in a courteous, consistent and professional manner
  • Be treated with dignity and respect by other spectators attending the match and those organizing the event
  • Be able to “support” his or her club, provided that the support is in good taste and neither adversely impacts the event experience of fellow spectators nor negatively impacts the match
  • Expect displays of good sportsmanship
  • Expect timely and accurate information related to the match

Concession and Food Service

Concession guide can be found here. There are fourteen concession stands, two grab-and-go markets, and over twenty portable carts located throughout the stadium serving a variety of food and drinks. Packaged and draft beer will be available on the concourse at the Heineken Supporters Bar, Coors Light Bar and Rhinegeist bar.

For any questions with special dietary needs, please contact Guest Experience at (513) 991-1803 for more details.

Contactless Payment

TQL Stadium accepts several forms of mobile and contactless payment, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Use your preferred method of contactless payment at food and beverage and retail locations throughout the stadium.


Costumes are permitted inside TQL Stadium, however, non-medical masks or facial coverings must be removed during the security screening process, on the concourse, and at all concession/retail locations. Non-medical masks or facial coverings may only be worn within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area as long as they do not create a distraction for other fans. Costumes with sharp edges or tips, including all metal or hard plastic costume accessories and props, are not allowed. Additionally, costumes are subject to further security screening. FCC reserves the right to ask anyone to remove their mask or costume due to stadium security measures.


Dress Code

To ensure the safety and security of all fans at TQL Stadium, FCC reserves the right to ask anyone scantily clad or with clothing deemed to be derogatory, profane or offensive to either remove the item or cover up prior to being permitted entry into or while inside the venue. Those who refuse to abide by this policy will be denied entry or removed from TQL Stadium.


For the safety of all guests and staff, all drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited in and around TQL Stadium at all times without prior written consent from FC Cincinnati and TQL Stadium.


East Plaza

The East Plaza located by the grand staircase in front of the First Financial Gate is used on gamedays to host pre-game and other fan activation zones. Stay up to date on our website, app and social media outlets for information about all the happenings on the East Plaza. The East Plaza opens 2 hours before FC Cincinnati kickoff.

Ejection Policy

Guests that refuse to follow the direction of stadium staff, designated security or fail to comply with the Fan Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund, revocation of season tickets and may be in violation of city ordinances, resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.


Priority use of passenger elevators will be given to guests and staff with limited mobility. Stairs should be used to navigate the stadium whenever possible. Some elevators are used to move the media and team staff and will be periodically taken out of service for this purpose. To ensure safe and efficient operations of the elevators, we ask our guests to follow the directions of the elevator operators, the elevator lobby attendants, and other stadium staff at all times.

For assistance with finding an elevator, please locate the closest Guest Experience team member.


There are a total of five main points of guest entry into TQL Stadium. All entrances open 90 minutes before kickoff for FCC MLS matches.

  • North Gate (Field Level): Located on the north side of the stadium off Wade Street and Central Ave
  • First Financial Gate (East) (Concourse Level): Located on the east side of the stadium off Central Parkway
  • First Financial Club Entrance (Field Level): Located on the east side of the building to the left of the First Financial Gate
    • This entrance is exclusive for premium ticket holders with access to the First Financial Club
  • Allegiant Gate (South) (Field Level): Located on the south side of the stadium off Central Ave.
  • West Premium Entrance (Field Level)
    • This entrance is exclusive for premium ticket holders with access to the Tunnel Club, Cincinnatus Club, Pitch View Club, and all Suites.


Face Coverings

Wearing a face covering or mask that conceals identity for any reason other than health and safety reasons is prohibited unless it is part of a costume and is removed during the security screening process, on the concourse and at all concession/retail locations. Face coverings may only be worn within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area as long as they do not create a distraction for other fans.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are designed for use of fans with small children and fans with disabilities. There are four family restrooms located on the Concourse Level throughout the stadium. These can be found outside Sections 106, 133, and E6/220 (4 Total). For other restroom locations, please refer to section Restrooms.

Fan Mail

All fan mail should be sent to Mercy Health Training Facility at 707 US Highway 50, Milford, Ohio 45150

FCC on the Web

Field Trespassing

Fans are reminded that attempting to enter or access the playing field without the proper credentials will be considered trespassing and is grounds for immediate ejection and/or arrest.

First Aid

The Mercy Health First Aid station is located on the concourse level behind Section 133 and will be staffed with certified emergency medical personnel at all times during an event. Additionally, first aid teams can be found throughout the concourse as well be contacted by the Guest Experience Center. In the case of an emergency, please find your nearest Guest Experience or Security team member for assistance.


Game Cancellation Policy

As per our ticket policy, management shall not issue a refund provided you are given the right, within twelve months of the event, to attend a rescheduled event or to exchange this ticket for a ticket comparable in price and location to another similar event as designated by management.

Definition of official game in the event of incomplete game:


  • If a game is postponed after kickoff at any point prior to its conclusion, the game will be rescheduled for recommencement and any remaining game time will be completed as soon as is practical.

International Friendly (FCC playing):

  • If a game is terminated after the end of the first half, but before the end of the second half, and the termination is not due to the conduct of one of the teams, the game is considered complete.

US Open Cup:

  • If a match is terminated after the end of the first half of a match, but before the end of the second half with one of the teams winning, and the termination is not due to the conduct of one of the teams, the match is considered complete, and the team winning at the time of the termination shall be the winner.


For the convenience of guests with disabilities, all gates are equipped with accessible lines to minimize wait time. If you have a medical condition/medical card that prevents you from passing through a magnetometer or being wanded, an alternative method of screening will be used. Unless otherwise stated, gates to TQL Stadium will open 90 minutes before FC Cincinnati home games.

Guest Experience Center

The Guest Experience Center is located on the Concourse Level behind Section E6/220. The Guest Experience Center can assist guests with lost and found inquiries, lost children or guests, stadium directions, emergencies, and accommodations for guests with disabilities such as mobile captioning devices and assistive listening devices.

Guest Feedback

Please contact a Guest Experience Ambassador for assistance during a match or event. A survey will also be distributed post-match to collect feedback.



Mobile lockers will be available through the official locker partner of TQL Stadium near the grand staircase along Central Parkway.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items will be turned into Guest Experience during events or at their conclusion. If you lose an item during an event please visit the Guest Experience Center, located on the Concourse Level behind Section E6/220, for assistance. Guests inquiring about lost items at previous events can submit an inquiry through our portal Lost and Found at TQL Stadium or contact the Lost and Found hotline at (513) 991-1822. After 60 days, any unclaimed items will be donated to charitable organizations.

Lost Children & Fans

For a lost or missing person please notify the nearest event staff, safety personnel, or law enforcement official for assistance. Children and/or guests who are separated from their family or friends and need assistance will be escorted by a stadium staff member to the Guest Experience Center. For safety reasons, TQL Stadium is unable to make stadium-wide announcements for lost children or fans.

We highly encourage guests with children to visit the Guest Experience Center to request a wristband including name, seat location, and phone number so that children and guardians who have been separated may be quickly reunited.



The mascot for FC Cincinnati will be at all home games at TQL Stadium. Look for Gary to be roaming around the stadium on game days for pictures!


Official FC Cincinnati team merchandise is available at in-stadium team stores on home gamedays. All Team Store hours during events will vary by event and will open when gates open. Locations include:

  • Field Level – Entrance located at the northeast corner off Wade Street
  • Concourse Level behind Section 105
  • Concourse Level behind Section 111
  • Concourse Level behind Section 126
  • Concourse Level behind Section 132

In addition to gamedays, the FC Cincinnati Team Store, located on the northeast corner of TQL Stadium off Wade Street, will be open seven days a week to provide fans with a convenient way to purchase FCC merchandise. Listed below are the hours of operations for the Team Store:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11 am – 6 pm
  • Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm
  • Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm
  • Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

In addition to gameday sales, FC Cincinnati merchandise is also available on the team website.

Metal Detection

All guests entering TQL Stadium will have their clear bags searched and will be escorted through a magnetometer or screened using handheld metal detectors. Those that have medical conditions that keep them from going through magnetometers will be provided an alternative screening process.

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud. All FC Cincinnati matches held at TQL Stadium are mobile ticketed entry only. Tickets can be viewed on smart phones using the FC Cincinnati team app. We recommend saving tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Pay in advance of game day for the easiest entry process. Screenshots or recordings of tickets are not valid for entry. If arriving with friends or family, please transfer their tickets ahead of time.

Mobility Devices

Manually operated mobility aids (such as canes and walkers) and wheelchairs – both manually operated and electric – are permitted in all areas of the stadium. Due to space restrictions on the concourse, and for the safety of all guests at TQL Stadium, segways, mobility devices, tri-bikes, and golf carts are not permitted inside the stadium. For more information regarding our wheelchair policies, please refer to section Wheelchairs.



Noisemakers such as air horns, drums, cowbells, horns, vuvuzelas, and whistles are prohibited. For information regarding official supporter privileges, please refer to section Supporters Groups.


Nursing mothers requesting a more private location in which to breastfeed, pump, or spend some quiet time may use the Nursing Room located inside the Guest Experience Center on the Concourse Level behind Section E6. The suite provides privacy, cleanliness, and all necessities for nursing mothers.

NFC Ticketing

In addition to mobile ticketing, FC Cincinnati and SeatGeek will be utilizing NFC Ticketing at all stadium gates and entrances. Fans can add their ticket to Apple Wallet on their iPhone or Apple Watch and simply tap their device at the reader at the gate to enter the stadium. Learn more with our Mobile Ticketing Information.


Private Events

TQL Stadium is the perfect spot to host your next event! With over 9 unique spaces that can accommodate seated dinners, cocktail receptions, board meetings and more, TQL Stadium is the place to be.

To learn more about Private Events at TQL Stadium, email Private Event Sales at

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items must be returned to vehicles or disposed of before entering the stadium. There are no provisions to check items at the gates and items abandoned outside the gates will be confiscated.

The following is a list of items that are prohibited in TQL Stadium:

  • Aerosol cans or pressurized containers
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Bags, coolers & luggage not in compliance with the Clear Bag Policy
  • Cameras with detachable lenses, camcorders & associated equipment (monopods, tripods)
  • Confetti and streamers
  • Fireworks of any kind including but not limited to, flares, smoke bombs, & incendiary devices.
  • Food & beverage (including returning souvenir cups and das boots, as well as any reusable bottles)
  • Illegal drugs & substances
  • Laptops, iPads, tablets or other large electronic devices
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemaking devices (horns, bells, thundersticks, whistles, vuvuzuelas)
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Sticks or flag poles not in compliance with the Flags & Signs Policy
  • Weapons
  • Any item deemed dangerous or impeding the enjoyment of guests by Stadium Management

Prohibited Items Subject To Change


Re-Entry Policy

TQL Stadium has a no re-entry policy during events.

Resale of Tickets/Scalping

TQL Stadium guests that purchase tickets from someone other than FCC or SeatGeek do so at their own risk and with the understanding that the tickets purchased from a secondary ticket provider could be counterfeit. FC Cincinnati and TQL Stadium are not responsible for and will not provide a replacement or refund of any kind for invalid tickets purchased through a secondary ticket provider. Please report any potential illegal scalping activity to the nearest Security Representative or Cincinnati Police Officer.


Public restrooms are located along the main concourse of TQL Stadium and are all ADA accessible. ADA-accessible family restrooms can be found behind Sections E6/220, 106, and 133.

Field Level:

First Financial Club, Field Suites, and Tunnel Club

Club Level:

Cincinnatus Club

Main Concourse Level:

  • Women – Behind Sections 103, 106, 112, 114, 124, 125, 128, 130, 132
  • Men – Behind Sections 105, 112, E6, 125, 129, 131
  • Family – Behind Sections E6/220, 106, and 133

Suite Level (300 Level):

Outside Suites 205-206 and Suites 215-216

Suite Level (400 Level):

Outside Suites 311-312 and Suites 321-322

Reverse ATM

TQL Stadium is a cash free stadium. There are three cash-to-card Reverse ATMs located throughout the stadium. Guests with cash who do not have a valid credit or debit card can insert their cash into the self-service ATM and will receive a pre-paid card back for the same amount of money.

Ride Share Services

App-based ride services will have a designated pick-up and drop-off area.

  • Stargel Stadium / Ezzard Charles Drive Eastbound
  • Town Center Garage / Central Avenue Northbound
  • Washington Park / West 14
  • 14th Street Eastbound


Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are available for guests to use during each event. Each bag contains a pair of noise canceling headphones, as well as other sensory resources. These bags are located in the Guest Experience Center behind Section E6/220. Guests may check out these bags by providing a credit card or Photo ID. Any questions regarding sensory bags should be directed to the Guest Experience Center.

Sensory Room

Any guest who is in need of a therapeutic, quiet space to go to during events is welcome to use the Sensory Room, located in the back of the Guest Experience Center behind Section E6. This room features a variety of equipment that guests can use in ways to regulate their brain’s negative reactions to external stimuli.

Service Animals

All properly identified guide, signal and service animals are welcome within the gates of TQL Stadium. Service animals must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times, unless special circumstances exist, and are required to rest in the seating area of the guest with the disability, rather than the aisle. All other animals, including “emotional support animals” are prohibited from the interior of the stadium at all times. All service animals needing to relieve themselves should be directed to the Allegiant Gate located on the south side of the stadium.

Smoking / Vapor Policy

Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted within the perimeter of TQL Stadium at any time before, during or after the game. In addition to tobacco products, the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers on the premises is prohibited.

Stadium Map

TQL Stadium's A to Z Guide -


TQL Stadium welcomes fans with strollers. However, strollers are prohibited from all stadium seating sections and concourse areas. All strollers must be checked-in at the Guest Experience Center, located on the east concourse behind Section E6. Premium ticketholders with strollers must check them in at the Premium Entry desk.

Supporters Group

There are several different supporters’ groups that attend FCC games and take advantage of the safe-standing sections on the north end of TQL Stadium known as The Bailey. Some of these supporters’ groups have special privileges that allow them to bring in noisemakers, flags, and banners. All the previously listed items must be preapproved and may not leave Sections 106-110. All preapproved prohibited items must be brought in through the First Financial Gate.

Banners, Flags, and Signs:

Fans are encouraged to show their support and may bring banners, flags and signs. Banners, flags, and signs may be displayed at games as long as:

  • They do not contain commercial, political, or offensive content.
  • They are not larger than 3’ tall x 2’ wide.
  • They are not affixed to a pole.
  • They do not damage stadium property. Signs cannot be attached to the stadium with any adhesive.
  • They do not cover up any existing stadium signage.
  • They are made of a paper or lightweight cloth-like material. Signs cannot utilize wood, metal or similar types of materials and may not have any sharp edges.

Signage not permitted within TQL Stadium will be disposed of by stadium security unless the guest wishes to return it to their vehicle. The decision regarding the admissibility and/or posting of any banner or sign is at the sole discretion of TQL Stadium Management. The Bailey supporter section is an exception to this rule. Bailey supporters will work with stadium management for pre-approval of TIFO, flags, and banners outside of these guidelines.

Noisemaking Devices:

  • Musical instruments or any types of noisemaking devices used in the Supporters Sections must be preapproved by FC Cincinnati or are otherwise not permitted by TQL Stadium. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as whistles, musical instruments, vuvuzelas, air horns, speakers, megaphones and other electronic sound devices
  • Once approved, noisemaking devices may only be used in The Bailey (Sections 106-110)
  • Noisemakers that are not preapproved and/or are used outside of the designated areas will be confiscated.
  • All megaphones being used must always be pointed away from the field of play.

Sticks and Flag Poles:

  • All flag poles or banners on poles must be constructed of hollow PVS pipe poles.
  • All poles are not to be used as projectiles or in any sort of fashion that may endanger fans, players, or staff.



Tailgating at TQL Stadium is prohibited.

Ticket Sales

ADA-Accessible Seating:

All patrons must have a reserved ticket for ADA seating areas. For ADA-accessible seating tickets, contact the FC Cincinnati Ticket Office at (513) 977-5425 or visit online at SeatGeek.com.

Guests are strongly encouraged to call in advance of the match to ensure availability. To switch regular seating tickets to ADA accessible seating tickets ON GAMEDAY, please visit the FC Cincinnati Ticket Office located on the Mercy Health Plaza (south side of stadium at street level). Changes on gameday will only be made if ADA accessible seating tickets are still available.

Children Ticket Policy:

Children three years old or younger are allowed free admission into FC Cincinnati games while accompanied by a ticketed adult. Children must remain on the adult’s lap throughout the event.

Group Tickets:

Groups of 10 or more are able to purchase discounted tickets to FC Cincinnati home matches. Additional experiences are also available based on size of group. Discounted group tickets are not available on gameday.

Season Tickets:

To purchase season tickets, please call (513) 977-5425 or visit the season tickets page HERE.

Supporters Section:

Tickets for the Supporters Section (Sections 104-110) at TQL Stadium are general admission and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets in this location will be ‘Safe Standing’ and will not have a physical seat. Fans without Supporters Section tickets will not be permitted into these sections. Supporters Sections will be filled with fans standing, chanting, and singing. Visiting team colors are not permitted in the Supporters Section and visiting supporters may be relocated to another part of the stadium.



For FC Cincinnati matches, fans may bring umbrellas into TQL Stadium, but they cannot be opened in the seating areas.


Visiting Supporters

Visiting Team supporter groups are encouraged to shout, cheer and show their team pride while maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience for fans. They may be granted the same privileges and are subject to the same disciplinary actions as the home supporters. All banners, flags, instruments and other prohibited items must be pre-approved by FCC and TQL Stadium event operations staff. Tickets for the visiting supporters will be allocated in Sections 224 and 225 at TQL Stadium.


Water Bottles 

Fans are permitted to bring in one 20 oz. factory-sealed bottle of water. Water fountains are available throughout the stadium for fans to refill their bottles.

Water Fountains

Located on the Concourse Level atop Sections 105, 107, 109, 112, 124, and 133.


Matches are played rain or shine. The match may be delayed in the event of lightning or other dangerous weather-related situations in the area. Guests will be notified in the event of a disruption.


Guests needing wheelchair accommodations are encouraged to bring their own mobility devices to TQL Stadium. If assistance is needed, guests should notify the closest Guest Experience representative located at any entrance or visit the Guest Experience Center located behind Section E6/220 upon their arrival and request the use of a wheelchair. Wheelchairs belonging to TQL Stadium are operated by Guest Experience staff and are available for transit between gates and seating locations. Wheelchair transport service to and from entrances to a guest’s seat is available on a first-come, first-served basis and demand may cause an increase in wait time for an accommodation. We are unable to allow guests to keep wheelchairs throughout the events. Any further questions regarding wheelchairs should be directed to the Guest Experience Center.

Please contact the TQL Stadium Guest Experience at (513) 991-1803 for any questions.