Thank you, Corben

(Writer’s Note: I know I can’t speak for everyone at FC Cincinnati, but I hope these words match the thoughts and opinions of the team and its supporters.)


To Corben,

Your $5,000 transfer fee from the Wilmington Hammerheads will forever be the best bargain in FC Cincinnati transfer business until proven otherwise.

When you came to FCC, you were looking to “find myself in soccer again.” After four seasons, we hope you found that and know you helped the Queen City fall in love with soccer, too.

You came to Cincinnati to be part of a project. In truth, you didn’t know what you signed up for – because no one knew.

But as time unfolded, you became an engrained as a member of the Orange and Blue midfield. As different players and formations came and went, you adjusted and continued to thrive. In fact, during your time with FCC, there wasn’t a spot in the midfield you didn’t play at some point.

That versatility – and your quality – made you a fan favorite and a proud representation for what an FCC player can be.

So, when the team moved to MLS, there was no player more deserving of an opportunity with the team and, above all, an opportunity for yourself.

When the season started back on March 2 in Seattle, it was emotional seeing you there, living your dream and in love with the sport again. You hadn’t played an MLS match since 2011, and went from considering retirement to become one of the team’s very first starters in the first division.

You, and FC Cincinnati, have come a long way from that first-ever game back in 2016 at the Charleston Battery.

Between then and now, you became one of FCC’s longest-serving players, and with 110 competitive appearances, have represented the club more than anyone.

Thank you for your service and for what you gave back.

While this is the end of seeing No. 19 Bone in a Cincinnati shirt, this isn’t the end. Your relationship with the city is simply too strong. This is home now, and where you met your wife and are raising your two children.

We wish we saw more of you in 2019, but that doesn’t mean we’re not grateful for what you’ve done. Thank you for taking a chance on FC Cincinnati back in 2016, when you were simply taking a chance for yourself. We hope it was worthwhile, and we hope you know how grateful we are as fans to watch you play, see your career blossom and understand this club wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for players like you.

Thank you, Corbs.