As a benefit of membership, all 2021 season ticket members will have the chance to purchase a season long parking pass to the inaugural season at TQL Stadium. A season long parking pass will guarantee you a designated spot in our closest garages adjacent to TQL Stadium, covering all 17 home MLS matches.

Your parking location will more than likely vary through the course of the season as we look to leverage the closest garages during reduced capacity matches. Your garage location could likely be upgraded during reduced capacity matches as we look to maximize inventory in the most desirable locations.

Due to anticipated reduced capacities to begin the season, your season long parking pass will serve as a parking credit that will be applicable to matches for which you will be able to attend. Any unused 2021 season parking pass credit will be rolled over to the 2022 season and applied for season tickets or 2022 parking passes.


Fans who have scheduled a rideshare service will be dropped off/picked up at one of three locations near TQL Stadium:

  1. Ezzard Charles Drive
  2. Central Avenue
  3. West 14th Street


The Cincinnati Bell Connector has over ten stops within a 10 minute walk to TQL Stadium.

Click here to learn more about the Cincinnati Bell Connector.