Women in Supporters’ Groups help make FC Cincinnati community and match day experience more welcoming


Supporters and Supporters’ Groups are the heartbeat of what makes FC Cincinnati great. The matchday experience, energy, and excitement could not be replicated without the genuine passion of our supporters who fill The Bailey and TQL Stadium every matchday.

Part of what makes our fans special is the diversity of support we receive and the great lengths people will go to bleed Orange and Blue through thick and thin.

To celebrate Women's History Month, we are highlighting a handful of women in leadership who make their Supporters’ Groups flourish. 

Sam Young - Hangar 937

Sam Young, a dedicated supporter of FC Cincinnati, has been actively involved in the soccer community since 2016. As a founder of Hangar 937, the Supporters’ Group representing Dayton, Sam has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of camaraderie among fans in the region. From the early days of the team's presence in the USL to its growth and entry into MLS, Sam's passion for FC Cincinnati has remained unwavering. She cherishes how the sport brings people together, forging lasting friendships and positively impacting countless lives within the community.

Beyond her role as a supporter, Sam finds immense fulfillment in her capacity to spread the joy of FC Cincinnati throughout the Dayton community. Moreover, as a woman in Supporters’ Group leadership, Sam takes pride in breaking stereotypes and demonstrating that soccer fandom knows no boundaries. She relishes the opportunity to inspire her daughter, Emilia, and celebrates Women’s History Month by instilling in her the values of strength, determination, and the limitless potential of women in sports and beyond.

Tiffany Brumberg - Die Innenstadt, Knights of the Bailey

Tiffany Brumberg, a steadfast member of Die Innenstadt, proudly serves as the group’s Vice President. With nine years under her belt in both Die Innenstadt and as a member of the Knights of the Bailey (FC Cincinnati’s supporter drum corps), Tiffany's dedication to the club and supporter culture runs deep. 

Her journey with FCC began on March 18, 2016, during a preseason game at Xavier University. Since then, her commitment to supporting The Orange and Blue has never wavered. For her, being part of FCC isn't just about the game; it's about the bonds forged with friends who feel like family, both on and off the pitch.

In her role as Vice President of Die Innenstadt, Tiffany finds fulfillment in knowing she's making a tangible difference, not only within the supporter group but also in the broader Cincinnati community through charitable efforts. Embracing her role as a woman in the Supporters’ Group, Tiffany brings a unique perspective and leadership to the table, inspiring young girls to recognize their potential to enact positive change.

During Women’s History Month, she celebrates by uplifting and empowering the women in her life, encouraging them to embrace their strength and celebrate their achievements. Additionally, as one of the few female bass drummers in the Knights of the Bailey, Tiffany embraces the opportunity to march alongside her fellow Knights, showcasing to onlookers, especially young girls, that women can lead and excel in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

Dana Peirson - Norden

Dana Peirson, a member of the Norden Supporters’ Group, has immersed herself in the vibrant FC Cincinnati community for three years. For Dana, the allure of FCC lies not just in the games but in the sense of belonging the supporter groups cultivate among fans. Whether cheering from the stands or participating in community events, Dana finds solace in the shared passion and camaraderie that transcends fandom.

In her role within Norden, Dana helps bring people together who share not only a love for FC Cincinnati but also a desire to make a positive impact in their community. As a woman in the Supporters’ Group leadership, Dana empowers the celebration of diversity and inclusivity that permeates the fanbase; taking pride in challenging traditional gender stereotypes associated with sports fandom and embracing the opportunity to contribute to a community that values unity and acceptance among its members. During Women’s History Month, Dana celebrates by honoring the women in her life and recognizing their contributions, as well as the support they provide to one another.

Tina Harris - The Briogáid

Tina Harris is the president of The Briogáid, a long-standing Supporters Group with roots back to the beginning of FC Cincinnati. With a Celtic/Irish flair, The Briogáid welcomes all fans by embodying a family-friendly ethos bringing together supporters from all corners of the fanbase. Tina has been involved in the  Supporters’ Groups since first attending FCC matches in 2016 and was drawn in by the club's close connection with players and their fans.

In her role as president, Tina focuses on engaging with people and expanding the FC Cincinnati fanbase. The Briogáid actively participates in community events like the St. Paddy’s Day parade and city clean-up initiatives, showcasing the group's commitment to collective action. As a woman in leadership, Tina takes pride in the group's history of female leaders, highlighting the inclusivity and diversity within the supporter community. During Women’s History Month, emphasizing the importance of support and mentorship for girls and women is key to her, believing in the power of shared experiences and community to foster growth and empowerment.

Kristi Kivi - The Pride, Knights of the Bailey

Kristi Kivi, an active member of the Pride Supporters’ Group and a drummer for the Knights of the Bailey, has immersed herself in the FC Cincinnati community for three years. A passion for soccer ignited by childhood experiences led her to seek out the vibrant community surrounding the team upon moving to Cincinnati in 2020.

Enamored by the sense of passion and community that FC Cincinnati brings to the city, Krisiti continues to foster a deep connection that keeps her engaged.

In her role with The Pride, Kristi works with fellow fans to enhance their experience in the community. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated space, Kristi takes pride in inspiring other young girls and showcasing the strength and resilience of women in the supporter community. During Women’s History Month, Kristi celebrates by proudly embracing her identity and making space for herself while also uplifting and empowering the women around her.

If you are interested in joining a Supporters’ Group or learning more about FC Cincinnati’s other fan initiatives, click here.