Mokotjo Stats

Kamohelo Mokotjo is a perfect example of how the strategy team of FCC operates. At FCC, targets are evaluated from multiple angles to see if the player fits the profile. For each position, FCC has created profiles containing key performance indicators to measure how well a target fits within the style of play and philosophy of the club. These profiles are carefully constructed by discussions with all stakeholders in the technical department of the club, including Gerard Nijkamp and Jaap Stam.

The eye test is performed by the clubs scouting department, led by Director of Scouting & Recruitment Hunter Freeman. His team is asked to judge players based on a fixed template, making sure all scouts evaluate the player in similar fashion. One of the key factors when assessing central midfielders are positioning, mobility and ability to cover ground, all of which Mokotjo is highly rated for by our scouting team.

Simultaneously, data of each target are analyzed by Alexander Schram, Director of Analytics & Strategy. Using algorithms specific to FCC, the performance of the player is compared not only to the current roster, but also to similar players already playing in MLS. For Mokotjo, two metrics that stand out are (1) his overall passing accuracy and his ability to reach a teammate in the final third of the pitch and (2) his ability to win possession through intercepting the ball, while not turning the ball over often.

How FCC's strategy team found Kamohelo Mokotjo -
<strong>KAMOHELO MOKOTJO</strong>
<p align="center">87%</p>
<p align="center">78%</p>
<p align="center">85%</p>
<p align="center">12.75</p>
<p align="center">10.54</p>
<p align="center">12.61</p>
<strong>PADJ INTERCEPTIONS</strong>
<p align="center">1.66</p>
<p align="center">1.06</p>
<p align="center">1.18</p>
<p align="center">1.15</p>
<p align="center">1.26</p>
<p align="center">1.19</p>

As the table shows, Mokotjo’s passing accuracy is well above the league average for the Championship, suggesting he is able to retain possession in a league where central midfielders usually struggle to do so. The same is true for passes to the final third in open play, implying he can connect the team going forward. If we compare his interceptions (adjusted for possession) and turnovers to both the Championship and MLS averages, we conclude that he wins possession far more often than he loses it, especially compared to other central midfielders. Having these numbers in a league such as the Championship and comparing it to the MLS average, Mokotjo’s style of play is expected to fit MLS really well.

Lastly, the financial side of a deal should always fit within the boundaries of the salary cap. To make sure the roster is cap compliant, Michael Goldman (Manager of Player Compliance & Finance) runs all scenarios. Obviously, a crucial piece of the puzzle for the signing of Mokotjo was trading for an extra international spot, which FCC got from NE Revolution in exchange for Kekuta Manneh on Aug. 17, 2020.