eMLS Cup | Everything You Need To Know

A semi-final finish in eMLS League Series One and a quarter-final finish in League Series Two. FC Cincinnati’s pro gamer, Gordon ‘Fiddle’ Thornsberry, has put on quite a show this year in the eMLS. This weekend Fiddle will be competing in the final eMLS tournament of the year, eMLS Cup. The tournament will be taking place in Boston at PAX East on March 30th.

Here is how things stack up in the Eastern Conference table going into eMLS Cup:

eMLS Cup | Everything You Need To Know -

As eMLS Cup is set to begin, here are a few questions and answers to get you prepared!

What is the setup for eMLS Cup?

Leading up to the eMLS Cup livestream the players will have one final chance to gain points and move up the table. On March 29th, the day before the livestream, each player from the East will play each member of the West. After that the top 5 players from each conference will advance to the eMLS Cup playoffs while the remaining players will battle it out in a single elimination, ‘last chance’ tournament where the winner of each conference will be granted the sixth seed.

eMLS Cup | Everything You Need To Know -

Who are the favorites for eMLS Cup?

Fiddle heads into eMLS Cup as one of the favorites in the East currently sitting in fifth place simply because of his ability to score at will. Fiddle currently leads the entire eMLS in goals scored. Other favorites include the winner of League Series One and Two, Doolsta of the Philadelphia Union, and the eMLS Cup Champion of last season, Kid M3mito of the Houston Dynamo.

Once eMLS Cup is over what comes next?

eMLS players are not only competing for the cash prize and trophy, but also global series points that will go towards qualification for the global series playoffs that will lead into the FIFA 19 eWorld Cup taking place this summer. Also, up for grabs at eMLS Cup is a chance to represent the United States at the FIFA eNations Cup next month. The two finalists at eMLS Cup will earn a spot in the eNations tournament where they will compete against other countries for the cash prize, the trophy, and more global series points.

eMLS Cup | Everything You Need To Know -

How can I watch the event?

Tickets for the event are still available on the MLS website for free. Free food and drink will be provided as well as eMLS scarfs and your own FIFA 19 Ultimate Team card. The livestream will take place on March 30th at 7pm. You can watch everything unfold on twitch.tv/emls or twitter.com/emls.