A message to our fans regarding FC Cincinnati's match vs Chivas


To our dedicated and loyal FC Cincinnati fans,

As we prepare to finish our Leagues Cup game against Chivas today, behind closed doors, we share our fans’ disappointment that we were unable to complete the match last night. Due to a confluence of circumstances beyond our control, this is the best option to safely finish the match.

Unfortunately, the game could not be completed last night due to the severe weather producing lightning which continued throughout the night, causing a lengthy delay of over 3 and a half hours.

The weather presented a severe injury risk for players, staff, and all involved with the on-field production, in addition to the mental and physical toll that resuming play at such a late hour, after such a long delay, would take on our players. Even if it became possible to resume play in the early morning hours, it would have been disruptive for the neighborhood surrounding TQL Stadium.

The Leagues Cup schedule and structure limits the window within which the match could be resumed. Chivas is scheduled to play in Kansas City on Monday and, because Leagues Cup is an international tournament, scheduling at a future date was not an option. The 12 hours between when the postponement was decided and when the game is to be played is not adequate time to staff all of the personnel required to provide a safe environment for our players and fans. That includes security, medical services, police, and fire in addition to the many men and women who work part time in the facility in other roles. The limited window posed an even greater challenge because it was not agreed upon until 1 a.m., leaving an even tighter timeline. FC Cincinnati cannot and will not put players and fans in an unsafe environment without adequate medical, security, and operations services.

We know this is not the preferred outcome for our players and fans, but the safety of everyone in our stadium - players, staff, and fans – is paramount. We look forward to welcoming our fans back into TQL Stadium at our next home match.

Fans who purchased tickets to the game directly from FC Cincinnati will receive email communication to receive a discount to a future 2023 Leagues Cup game at TQL Stadium.