Here are some FAQs to help plan your next group outing at TQL Stadium and share the excitement of FC Cincinnati matches with friends, family or colleagues!

Group Tickets Hub
Group Tickets Hub

How many tickets do I need to purchase to qualify a group ticket block?

A: 10 tickets qualifies you for group pricing.

How much is a group ticket deposit?

A: The purchase of 10 group tickets to the match.

Why should I place a group ticket deposit?

A: Currently, we are seeing unprecedented demand for group tickets. All group deposits are time-stamped and allow a group leader to secure the highest possible priority for selecting their preferred matches and seat locations.

How do I purchase group tickets once the 2024 MLS Schedule is released?

A: Group deposit holders will work with a dedicated FC Cincinnati sales representative to complete their purchase and ensure everyone in your group has the best possible experience!

Will my deposit be applied as a credit towards my group purchase?

A: Group deposit holders will have their deposit applied to their ticket total regardless of the groups’ number of ticket reservations.

How does my group become eligible for one of the on-field experiences?

A: Placing a group deposit and securing a minimum of 25 tickets will queue your group to be eligible for on-field experiences. To learn more about our exciting on-field group experiences, click here!

How can I purchase a group outing now?

A: You can contact an FC Cincinnati sales representative at 513-763-1007 or email groups@fccincinnati.com to learn more about our available offerings.

Resale Policy: 

Group and Suite Tickets are intended for those individuals identified as members of the Group or guests of the suite, as applicable. Group and Suite Tickets are not available to ticket brokers or ticket resellers. Group and Suite Tickets may not be resold or otherwise distributed to individuals who, as applicable, are not associated with the Group or guests of the suite. The sale, attempted sale or transfer of Group or Suite Tickets in violation of this policy is prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in the revocation of certain or all tickets purchased by the Group or associated with the suite rental without a refund.