original. good. black owned.
original. good. black owned.
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To support our local community, FC Cincinnati and Major League Soccer have partnered with three local Black-owned businesses in a limited-edition licensing agreement to produce co-branded apparel.

Originalitees, BlaCk Owned and GO(O)D Co. Apparel will sell the gear from their respective shops and fans will be able to purchase online or at any of the three shop locations.

FC Cincinnati is proud to partner with these three local business owners and support and promote their successful brands.

OGBO Originalitees Graphic


Originalitees was founded by Walnut Hills resident Khisha Asubuhi in 2009. She created Originalitees with the idea to give people a sense of pride about where they are from and the things that they love and believe in. The Columbus, OH native played college basketball for Cincinnati State and Indiana University during a four-year collegiate career. Following her playing days, Khisha came to Cincinnati in 2003 when she accepted a position with Cincinnati State as a women’s basketball coach.

In addition to Originalitees, Khisha works in the marketing department for the United States Postal Service. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family.

For more information on Originalitees, visit https://originalitees.com/.

“This partnership means a lot to me. I was here when FC Cincinnati first launched. I have always wanted to create FC shirts, so this was a dream come true. Yet, this is bigger than shirts. This shows me that FC Cincinnati is being intentional about supporting black owned businesses and taking a stand for justice. This is huge. This isn’t something you see every day.”


GO(O)D Co. Apparel

GO(O)D Co. Apparel was founded by Donny Harper in 2014. He created GO(O)D Co. Apparel with three specific focuses – a brand that everyone could relate to, a brand that supports a positive message and a brand that allows an expression of individuality. Prior to founding the company, Donny worked in retail for other national brands.

A resident of Mount Airy, Donny is also a successful Christian hip-hop artist. His passion for entrepreneurship is fueled by his family – his wife Ciara and children Jasmin, Caelyn, Devin and Micah.

For more information on GO(O)D Co. Apparel, visit https://goodcoapparel.com/.

“FC Cincinnati means growth, opportunities, new relationships and the ability to bring something new and exciting to our city!”

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BlaCkOWned™️ was founded by Means Cameron in 2011. Cameron created the brand as an opportunity to merge his two passions – Fashion and Black Culture. Prior to BlaCkOWned™️, Means started a clothing brand while in high school which represented his first experience in manufacturing and selling clothing.

Means is a Cincinnati native who was born in the West End and currently resides in Downtown Cincinnati. Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his children.

For more information on BlaCkOWned™️, visit https://blackowned19xx.com/.

“This partnership with FC means that our efforts to promote the excellence in Black culture in Cincinnati are being received. It also means that we have the opportunity to share our mission and brand with a wider range of Cincinnatians. Progress in Cincinnati is and will be made through these kind of collaborations.”