OPINION: Who’s at my FCC Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, family, friends and camaraderie. It’s a great time to catch up, re-live and rehash memories and be thankful for everything in your life.

And I’m thankful for FC Cincinnati being in our community. Which got me thinking about who from the club’s brief history I’d like to share Thanksgiving with.

The concept was open ended. Are we discussing food, politics or culture? Does soccer come up?

With that in mind, here are five people from FCC’s history who I’d like to share Thanksgiving with and why.

Who would be at your mythical FCC Thanksgiving table?

Ron Jans

For being someone who’s played and coached around the world, Jans doesn’t spend much time talking about himself. But when he does, stories are always incredibly fascinating and cover a wide range of topics.

His appreciation for music is inspiring, and it’s always nice talking about what albums we’re currently listening to or what Cincinnati record store to visit next. (Everybody’s Records.)

Plus, if this is his first American Thanksgiving, we might as well initiate him into our typical Turkey Day culture by watching the Dallas “Carboys” together on Thursday afternoon…

Forrest Lasso

You’ve seen his pre-match dinner plates on social media. It looks like a buffet from an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise.

So, I really, really want to know just how much #LittleKidBigBody can consume 1) on the biggest day of the year for food consumption and 2) when it’s offseason and there are no limits or restrictions on the types of food he can eat.

(Also, I assume he’s providing the meal with traditional Southern specialties, so that’s scrumptious.)

Omar Cummings

Big Cat was one of FC Cincinnati’s first signings and has worked for the club everyday since. It’d be great hearing stories from the early days in 2016. (Some of the stories are incredible!)

But Cummings is also a huge presence in the Greater Cincinnati community and spends most of his time working with kids or providing charity. As someone who basically only covers the first team, I’d love to hear about the stuff he’s working right now.

Plus, he has the best laugh and smile at the club.

Ivar van Dinteren

Ivar is that guy who would sit at a family meal and instantly start talking about religion and politics.

The newest addition to FC Cincinnati’s coaching staff, van Dinteren is one of the nicest people who works for the team and makes everyone smile and laugh. Plus there is the ongoing fear for being headlocked and given a noogie without notice to keep things interesting.

Djiby Fall

Give the King a throne for his feast. No additional words necessary.