The Bailey

The first supporters to step foot inside West End Stadium didn’t march or chant like we’ve come to expect. Instead, they wore masks, scarves and socially distanced.

Nine FC Cincinnati fans – leaders of local supporter groups – toured FCC’s future home for the first time on Wednesday afternoon, and even helped build part of The Bailey.

“It’s amazing,” said Max Ellerbe, who’s also in The Pride. It’s going to be one of the premier stadiums in the country and it’s awesome that it’s here in my hometown of Cincinnati.”

Ellerbe and eight others were on site to witness the first aluminum bleachers being placed in The Bailey 2.0 – a massive supporters’ section that stretches the full length of the north side of the stadium. While it was a photo op and a first-hand glimpse of the future stadium, the fans also screwed the nuts and bolts of the bleachers they’ll proudly stand and stomp on in 2021.

Supporters tour West End Stadium, The Bailey 2.0 -

“I feel very blessed and very honored and I wish I could have everybody here with me,” Samantha Young, of Hanger 937, said. “This place is so big and so incredible. I know all of our fans are going to absolutely love it. I just wish they could all be here with me.”

During the tour, fans walked throughout the stadium, visited the locker rooms, saw the premium spaces and stood on the dirt field that will soon be transformed into the stadium’s grass-surfaced pitch.

Beginning in September, current season ticket members will be able to reserve seats in The Bailey for the 2021 season and will have a priority over new deposit holders. Prospective new Bailey season ticket buyers will be able to make a $50.00 non-refundable deposit beginning Sept. 14.