LIVE BLOG | FC Cincinnati earn 2-0 victory over New England Revolution in preseason friendly from Boupendza Brace


Update 2:28 p.m.

That's the final whistle and FCC are victorious after 120 minutes of play. Effectley each group got 60 minutes after getting 45 last week. You can start to see the progression.

The Orange and Blue keep the sheet clean and Aaron Boupendza and Lucho Acosta link up twice to give them the win.

FC Cincinnati will take the weekend for recovery work and will return to training Monday!

Update 2:20 p.m.

Both sides struggled to get anything going in last ten minutes. FC Cincinnati broke through with a chance to break up the drought but couldn't finish. 

After sending Bret Halsey sent Sergio Santos forward with space to run, Santos centered a pass into the box that Malik Pinto, Ordonez and Stiven Jimenez all made plays on but no one stepped up to take the shot so it was a series of deferrals that led to a missed opportunity. 

If any of the three would have taken a look, it would have been on frame unimpeded but no one took that chance. Those missed connections were something that this group looked to improve on after last Austin game and it had looked better up until that point. 

But that's why they play preseason games, gotta work out the challenges.

Updated 2:10 p.m.

I've been really impressed with Dado Valenzuela in both games this preseason. The performance hasn't yielded a reward yet but the poise, physicality and creative skills all look years above his age (19). He's had great connections with players all over the field be interrupted by inches, its been just off, but he's been a creator all afternoon. 

Given how some players look who are far older than him, and the role he plays its really impressive. It's less so the skill that stands out, and he has plenty of that, it's the presence he carries himself with. It's odd to call it courage because you wouldn't call an older player who does the same things he does "courageous" but he just looks, plays, behaves and flat out performs like he belongs.

Of the group on the field, Valenzuela along with Angulo and Keller have been the most dynamic at their positions.

Updated 1:48 p.m. 

The whistle blows and that's period three done! Still 2-0 FC Cincinnati. 

They couldn't find a goal but the pressure the group applied effectively kept New England away from any chance to get a look on goal. A different kind of win.

On to the final 30 minutes.

Updated 1:40 p.m.

A chance! A shot!

...but a save. 

Stiven Jimenez gets a clean look in front, just short of the penalty spot after some chaos and a nice pass from Marco Angulo but the keeper is up to the task. He had to take it quick, and the shot was to centered but it was a good look. 

FCC still on the attack. Evan Louro has yet to be tested.

Updated 1:35 p.m.

I'm not sure he's tops but he enters the power rankings...

What I mean by that is I think, personal opinion and all, that Kipp Keller may be the loudest guy on the field at any given moment. He certainly is in this group.

Roman Celentano I think takes the decibel crown, but I think given the nature of the position he plays we may need "weight class" rankings. Matt Miazga is number two, and three was Alec Kann, but Kipp may give Alec a run on top sound.

As a center back Keller is directing traffic for the back line, he's also calling out to his wings and midfielders. Given the collection of guys he's out there with now he is one of the more veteran guys despite being just 23. Perhaps leadership suits him.

He's chatty and loud. Not a nessicarily a match update, but a note I felt deserved a call out.

Updated 1:23 p.m.

It's a quick start as Sergio Santos plays Quimi Ordõnez but he misses just wide of the far post. It's a very similar group to the one that played together last week at Austin and they talked post game on wanting to be more dangerous in their connections and not just owning possession. 

That's a good start. Quimi had to shield off a defender, play it off footed, take a running touch...but not to hard a touch as the keeper rushed him, and he still got a pretty good shot off.

Updated 1:17 p.m.

Ok that was quick. Less than 15 minutes to bring on an entirely new group for both sides. 

FC Cincinnati with a brand new XI, which is as follows: 

London Aghedo
Marco Angulo
Bret Halsey
Stiven Jimenez
Kipp Keller
Evan Louro
Quimi Ordõnez
Malik Pinto
Alvas Powell
Sergio Santos
Gerardo Valenzuela

Updated 1:09 p.m.

The period plays out with little larger part because Nwobodo eliminated some trouble before it started with a sliding clearance. 

But the whistle blows and the second period ends. Both groups of 11 come together for a handshake and hug so it appears major changes for both sides are coming, much in line with how the first friendly played out. 

The refs have gone back to the locker room, the sprinklers are on, so I'm expecting a wait. Last friendly it was about 25 minutes between kickoffs. So I'll check back in then! 

Until then read this story on Aaron Boupendza, the brace getter today, on how off field integration to the club and culture is helping him play his best.

Updated 1:01 p.m.

The goals keep coming! About 10 minutes after the first goal Aaron Boupendza gets his brace! He has three goals in preseason play.

A long springing direct pass over the top of the New England defense left Boupendza on a breakaway with just one defender and the keeper to beat, he out ran the defender before chipping the keeper with little trouble to give his side the 2-0 lead.

Added later: It was Lucho who played the service and earned the assist on the goal. I missed who it was while I was typing.

The pressure is on and FCC smell blood in the water as right off the restart FCC win it back and launch another attack. The boys are buzzing. After applying a press for most of the first 50 minutes, the Revs have now sat back and allowed FCC to play out of the back line more. Really slowed down the game but stopped FCC runs.

In a preseason match its an interesting take as FCC could essentially pull the air out of the game up 2-0, but there's lots to work on still.


Updated 12:51 p.m.

Goal FC Cincinnati! Aaron Boupendza puts away the finish for the second of the preseason and FCC take the 1-0 lead over the hosts! 

Came about midway through the second frame but the dangerous offensive trio of Boupendza, Acosta and Baird finally break through. 

New England has had trouble putting together a cohesive attack but have had possession. FCC defense has done well to essentially shape them into low risk situations then allow the midfielders to swoop in and pull from danger.

Updated 12:40 p.m.

Back in action! Teams switched sides and FCC kickoff results in a header opportunity for Lucho, but it pops high. He's closing in though, plenty of opportunities. 

30 minutes til "half-time."

Updated 12:30 p.m.

Corey Baird is insatiable. He's been as active as anyone in runs and just made a significant interception in the attacking end to keep the pressure on, then turned and started a series of passes that lead to Acosta, who's shot from inside the top of the box hit the cross bar and and went out.  So close. But a play that happens only because of Bairds energy. 

The final 4 minutes of the period play out without much to report on and that's the first period whistle. 

0-0 after 30. 90 more to play now. They'll water the grass and get back out there.

Updated 12:21

First big chance for FCC since the opening minute as Corey Baird wins a free kick and the Orange and Blue send on to net but the header can't find the back of the net. It bounces off the head to the far post and is cleared away. 

Follow up pressure from the attempt gives Aaron Boupendza a look on target and he fires one on from well outside the box but the keeper has to dive to his left just to get hands on the attempt. Pat Noonan said after the last match that Aaron was one of the best creators on the field...picking up where he left off it seems.

20240201 FCCvsNE Pre-Match 002

Updated: 12:13 p.m.

New England gets the first shot off of the match but it's well wide. The FCC back line of Ian Murphy, Miles Robinson and Matt Miazga (all of whom are now USMNT called up center backs) are playing together first the first time and look to be communicating well. Robinson has already put out at least one fire before it started but the three are playing off each other well!

As I write this massive save from Celentano! A New England Revolution player attempts the bicycle kick from just beyond the PK spot but Celentano is up to task. He gathers it and plays it out.

New England has been the aggressor through the first 13 minutes.

Updated: Noon

FC Cincinnati have taken the pitch, this time in their River Kit blues while New England wears grey. The Revs kick off the half and attack going right to left from the tradition camera view sense, FCC attacks towards the IMG Campus/Football fields.

Lucho gets an interception and leads an opening attack but the shot is blocked. Away we go! They'll play a 30 minute period to open.

Updated 11:40 a.m.

The lineups are in! FC Cincinnati's opening lineup looks familiar to the opening 11 against Austin FC in the preseason opener, but with a significant addition. Matt Miazga rejoins the group after taking some precautionary time to recover from back spasms he suffered in the first few days in Florida. Since missing that match the 2023 defender of the year as been training in full with the group. 

Here is the FC Cincinnati starting XI in alphabetical order by surname. Per a request the lineup for New England will be unavailable. 

  • Luciano Acosta
  • Corey Baird
  • Aaron Boupendza
  • Roman Celentano
  • Isaiah Foster
  • Yuya Kubo
  • Matt Miazga
  • Ian Murphy
  • Obinna Nwobodo
  • Miles Robinson
  • Trialist

Kickoff is just 20 minutes away!

20240124 FCC Preseason Training 099

Friendly neighborhood FC Cincinnati staff writer Carter Chapley here, reporting that The Orange and Blue are back in action this afternoon!

FC Cincinnati traveled about an hour and a half south from their preseason home in Clearwater, Florida, to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, to take on the New England Revolution in the second of four preseason friendlies.

The Revs, led by newly named head coach Caleb Porter, will make a return trip to FCC in Clearwater in February. This match will alter the standard time format of a soccer match, with teams agreeing to play 120 minutes instead of the standard 90. In practice, the match will function as if it has four quarters, with 30-minute periods separated by “half-times” or “intermissions” to allow for stoppages.

In theory, the altered timekeeping will allow coaches to see more of their players while controlling the minutes in more segmented spaces and allowing for lineup mixing. That said, in the last match, we saw FCC head coach Pat Noonan deploy a full lineup change at the 45-minute mark of that 90-minute match, so any rotating tactic is possible in the preseason.

Check back here throughout the morning for lineups, weather updates, and more before kickoff. I’ll be updating you on all the excitement and highlights.