Down The Hatch

Normally this mailbag is about me answering questions. But these last few days have reminded me I should have been the one listening all along.

We can talk about soccer and MLS returning soon, but now isn’t the time.

Instead, we must listen, reflect, educate, and support – and if possible, donate.

Here are this week’s questions. I hope you can help me find answers:

  • Am I showing solidarity?
  • What am I doing to create a better, equal world for my black friends, family, coworkers and neighbors?
  • How can I prove #BlackLivesMatter isn’t just a hashtag, but a movement that delivers change?
  • Am I holding the people accountable? Are those serving us protecting all people, or are they protecting themselves?
  • What else can I listen to, read and watch to become a more informed member of my community?
  • As FCC move into the West End, what can we – the club and its supporters – do to show compassion, so that we are a welcomed neighbor and care for our new neighborhood?
  • What am I doing to ensure I’m on the right side of history?