The application window to apply for credentials for this match is now closed. No late applications will be accepted.

This page is to clarify information regarding Media Access and Credentials for the upcoming U.S. Open Cup Semifinal between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami CF. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of credential access.

FOR ALL MEDIA MEMBERS: Credentials are subject to approval by FC Cincinnati Communications staff in accordance with club media policies. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial at least two days before game. All approval/denial decisions are final.

Once again, the deadline has passed (Friday, August 18 at 12 p.m. ET). Late applications will not be accepted.

Photo Marshals: FC Cincinnati will use photo marshals to assist on-field media. Photo marshals can assist with providing lineups/rosters, distributing bibs and assist with questions on location and other topics. All on-field media are REQUIRED to follow all instructions of the photo marshals.

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: In order to receive a photo credential for this match, you must be a photographer shooting on news assignment from a reputable publication or outlet. You are responsible for bringing your own, professional photo equipment. Photographers shooting just on a cell phone or other equipment deemed unprofessional will not be allowed.

Photographer credentials are limited to space on the field surrounding TQL Stadium. Photographers may be asked to remain in one location throughout the match, pending space.

FOR NON-RIGHTS VIDEOGRAPHERS/BROADCAST: Television and broadcast rights for this match belong to a select group of outlets, depending on the country of broadcast.

If you are local Cincinnati media, or National/International media who are not rights holders, the following guidelines apply to you:

Video Footage: All non-rights holders (NRH) and crews must follow the U.S. Soccer Video Guidelines for all footage gathered at events. The Video Guidelines are below. All rights to match footage, including all applicable copyrights, belong to U.S. Soccer and its rights holders who broadcast each specific match.

TV Reporters: NRH reporters may stay on the field until one (1) hour prior to kickoff to shoot ‘scene sets,’ and are not allowed on the field again until thirty (30) minutes after the conclusion of the game. Reporters/anchors will not be issued a bib.

Location: NRH cameras are permitted to shoot this event from behind the field sign boards of either end line. The attacking direction of the teams is determined by a coin toss. Following the coin toss, NRH cameras must pick one end of the field to shoot for the entire half. The ONLY time NRH crews may change ends is at halftime. At NO time are any media members allowed on the field of play.

Bibs: All NRH camera operators and NRH producers are required to wear a colored bib as provided by FC Cincinnati. The bib is lightweight and designed to be worn outside of outerwear and be visible at all times. Please return the bibs to a photo marshal following the game, or leave them in the press box / photographers’ work room.

Live Newscasts: Please contact FC Cincinnati in advance of the event if you would like to broadcast live pre or post-game as part of a newscast from the stadium. Live broadcasts are not permitted inside TQL Stadium during the match.

Game Action: Television broadcasters can use footage of U.S. Soccer events obtained either via 1) their own recording or 2) action dubbed from a U.S. Soccer rights holder broadcast with credit only in connection with its regularly scheduled news programming within a week (7 days) of the game. This footage should not exceed two (2) minutes. Highlights aired as part of a continuous news program should not be longer than one (1) minute per 30-minute segment.

Filming – Game Action: For this event, non-rights holders / NRH cameras may record the first 15 minutes of each half (from 00:00 to 15:00 and 45:00 to 60:00 on the game clock). No NRH filming is permitted of extra time or penalty kicks should the match reach those stages. 

Filming – Interviews and Scene Sets: There is no limit to the gathering of footage pre-game, at halftime and post-game. All footage gathered is subject to the usage guidelines indicated in this document.

Filming – In Seating Area: Video cameras looking to shoot in the concourse or seating area must contact FC Cincinnati in advance of the event for approval.

FC Cincinnati Audio and Video Roll: FC Cincinnati periodically sends out video and audio media rolls from the club for outlets to use free of charge, provided they properly credit video as; Courtesy of FC Cincinnati. If you’d like to sign up for the email list that distributes these media rolls, please email

Online Video

Game Action: Online organizations (including print publications that post video online) are not permitted to film or use game action video at any time. Game action includes any footage of the field, teams, etc., following the beginning of the television broadcast window. Only video of off-field activities (i.e. interviews, training sessions) may be recorded.

Professional Presentation: Online video is expected to be recorded, edited and presented in a professional manner. Video must be presented/hosted on an organization’s website, and not solely on a site provided by a third-party (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.).

Online Video Sites: Organizations who regularly post video to online video sites (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) may not include advertising with video gathered as a result of media access. Allowing users to embed these videos is not permitted.