Group Ticket Benefits
Group Ticket Benefits

Group Ticket Benefits

  • Discounted Ticket Rates for groups of 15 or more
  • Reserved Block Seating
  • Personal Group Service representative
  • Scoreboard Shoutout
  • Rewards and Special Events for Group Leaders

Group Experience Opportunities

  • Sideline Showcase - Watch FC Cincinnati and visiting team warmups from the sidelines at TQL Stadium.
  • Groups with Gary - Get a group picture taken with Gary the Lion.
  • Walkout Kids - Kids ages 5-12 can walk with the players as they make their way onto the pitch, and stand next to them during the National Anthem.
  • Center Circle Kids - Kids ages 10-12 can hold the center circle tarp on the pitch during pregame activities.
  • Flag Kids - Kids ages 6-10 can hold flags for FC Cincinnati and the visiting team during the player walkout and National Anthem.
  • Post Match Picture on the Pitch - After the match, get a group picture taken on the pitch.

If you're interested in group tickets, please call 513-763-1007

Group Ticket Interest Form
Group Ticket Interest Form