RESALE OF TICKETS: SeatGeek is the official ticketing provider for FC Cincinnati fans to purchase and resell tickets to FCC matches. For information on how to sell or buy tickets on SeatGeek and some common questions, visit the SeatGeek Resources Page


SeatGeek is the Official Ticketing Provider of FC Cincinnati. At SeatGeek, you can buy tickets on one of the world's largest ticket marketplaces. SeatGeek provides a safe and secure place to buy and sell FCC tickets, excellent customer service 7 days a week and every purchase is fully guaranteed with SeatGeek’s Buyer Guarantee.

Learn more about buying on SeatGeek by visiting the SeatGeek Resources Page


SeatGeek provides a safe and secure environment to buy and sell tickets, excellent customer support 7 days a week, and the SeatGeek Buyer Guarantee.

With SeatGeek:

  • Edit or remove your listing anytime before the tickets sell. You'll get paid fast when your tickets sell.
  • Don’t sell your tickets short! Get what you should for your tickets by using Deal Score-backed price recommendations.

Learn more about selling on SeatGeek by visiting SeatGeek’s Help Center

Please note (The Bailey): If a ticket in the Bailey is sold on the Secondary market and the required wristband is not provided, FC Cincinnati will cancel the account without refund. That individual will not be permitted to buy tickets in the Bailey for future matches or seasons.


FC Cincinnati Account Manager* is your one-stop shop for managing your tickets. 

CONVENIENCE: The online service is "open" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can manage your tickets when it is convenient for you.

TIME-SAVINGS: All "transactions" are performed electronically, which eliminates the time and effort needed to mail or give your tickets to others.

SECURE: Because this service is team-sanctioned and password protected, all transactions are safe and secure.

You can use your Account Manager in the following ways:

  • Send Your Tickets to friends, family, or clients so they can enter with their Mobile Device
  • Resell your tickets
  • Access special offers throughout the season
  • Exchange Your Tickets for matches you cannot attend using Ticket Exchange Program

*Please note: Exchange Program is approved through the FC Cincinnati Service Team. Season ticket holders can call 513-977-5425 for more information.

  • Update payment information and view your most recent payments online
  • Edit Your Profile to update your contact information and password

Club Protocol for customer service issues or abuse related to the reselling of FC Cincinnati Tickets:

In most cases, FC Cincinnati will follow a standard process and defend fair ticketing buying practices. Based on the level of severity in each case, FC Cincinnati reserves the right to cancel any order that lead directly to customer service issues for club staff.

Warning and Documentation- In many cases, the club will provide a verbal and/or written warning to the account holder who violates a reselling policy or procedure.

Removal or Cancellation of Tickets- After a warning has been issued, repeat offenders are subject to ticket cancellation without a refund.

Legal Action- FC Cincinnati will take legal action on ticket buyers who continue violating a policy or procedure after multiple warnings and club action.