The Orange & Blue Review!

Welcome to the Orange & Blue Review, the official podcast of FC Cincinnati! Hosted by Charlie Hatch and Alex Stec, get the latest news, interviews and buzz from the club – both on and off the field. Check back weekly for new episodes.


Episode 7 (May 26, 2020)
Newly appointed FC Cincinnati head coach Jaap Stam joins Charlie Hatch and Alex Stec for this week’s episode. The trio talk about another side of Stam: his family background, his hobbies and why he wants to move to Cincinnati – a place he’s never visited.

In addition to the Stam interview, Hatch and Stec also talk about the FCC Academy launching the Pre-Academy and an Under-19 team.

Time | Segment
0:31 | A rundown of the show
6:08 | Interview with Jaap Stam
22:19 | Analysis of the interview
24:44 | Discussion about the FCC Academy’s expanded player pathway


Episode 6 (May 19, 2020)
Charlie Hatch and Alex Stec interview Richey to discuss being a player during the pandemic, a potential league restart in Florida and what music he listens to while in standstill traffic.

Plus, the hosts chat about Jaap Stam’s name being linked to the FC Cincinnati coaching vacancy and how fans can help decide the seat design at West End Stadium.

Time | Segment
1:26 | Charlie and Alex discuss Jaap Stam being a “main candidate” in the FCC coaching search
7:10 | Interview with Spencer Richey begins
36:37 | The hosts analyze Richey’s interview
38:38 | How FCC fans can help choose the seat design at West End Stadium
39:45 | What to expect from FCC the rest of the week

Episode 5 (May 12, 2020)
Charlie and Alex are finally able to discuss on-and-off field news!

First, they spoke with Jeff Smith, the Sr. VP of Ticket Sales & Service, about the club’s launch of premium seating deposits at West End Stadium. We discuss the status of 2020 MLS tickets, West End Stadium clubs offerings and why FCC are offering an unparalleled experience in the current Cincinnati sports landscape.

Plus, we interview assistant coach Ivar van Dinteren about the players returning to the Mercy Health Training Center for individual exercise sessions. We also debated the possibility of five substitutions in MLS and what he’d do differently against Atlanta United FC in March. Tom Pettersson as a striker?

Time | Segment
0:35 | Rundown of the episode
1:51 | Interview with Jeff Smith begins
17:16 | Recapping Smith’s interview, previewing van Dinteren
41:42 | Recapping the van Dinteren interview
43:00 | What to expect from FCC this week

Episode 4 (May 5, 2020)
Alex Stec and Charlie Hatch discuss players slowly returning to the Mercy Health Training Center for the first time, in addition to recent West End Stadium news.

Plus, we interview FCC captain Kendall Waston about his new podcast, on spending time with family and his mom’s fight with coronavirus in New York City.

This week’s episode is the first with only one guest, but Waston’s remarks are honest and sincere – and funny!

Time | Segment
1:04 | The rundown of this week’s show
2:24 | On players individually beginning to return to the Mercy Health Training Center
4:51 | Alex reminds listeners to join FCC’s Trivia Tuesday tonight with Jeff Berding
8:15 | Interview segment with Kendall Waston begins
10:10 | Kendall discusses his upcoming podcast episode and his pet peeve with Costa Rican fans and the birth of “The Slap”
13:30 | Kendall talks about having weekends free
14:26 | Kendall tells the story of his mother’s fight with COVID-19
17:56 | Kendall talks about Mother’s Day ... two of them.
22:24 | Kendall talks about how his son has some definite ideas about soccer
30:24 | We chat about the new First Financial Club and more upcoming West End Stadium news

Episode 3 (April 28, 2020)
Alex Stec and Charlie Hatch hosted a great show full of exciting interviews with past and present FCC players. The first half of the episode is dedicated to Kekuta Manneh, who discussed his 2020 Ramadan experience during the current individual training situation. We also offered some cooking tips – and Charlie may or may not have told “Scooter” that he’s one of my favorite people to interview.

After that, speaking with former FCC midfielder Michael Lahoud in his first interview about the team since 2018. He talked about that championship season, about his future plans and his overall love and appreciation of FC Cincinnati, their supporters and the Queen City.

This is our longest show yet, but it’s packed with insightful interviews you won’t hear anywhere else!

Time | Segment
1:30 | Rundown of the show and highlight the two upcoming interviews
2:32 | Interview segment with Kekuta Manneh begins
4:12 | Kekuta provides some cooking tips and seasonings to try
7:30 | Kekuta tells us why he hates onions and he cried chopping them for FCC content!
8:15 | On how Ramadan’s been so far
10:15 | Kekuta on some of the challenges of this Ramadan in comparison to previous ones
19:00 | What it’s like shopping for food as a professional athlete during the stay-at-home order
25:30 | Alex and I recap Kekuta’s words and introduce the Michael segment
27:08 | Interview segment with Michael Lahoud begins
29:30 | Alex goes to get a bottle of wine out of her fridge but listeners can’t see it when she shows her Rosé off
31:35 | Michael on the 2018 coming together at the right time and place
34:30 | Michael discusses the depth on the 2018 squad
41:00 | What he remembers from lifting the USL Supporters’ Shield
45:00 | Michael on why he wants to visit Cincinnati soon
47:06 | Alex and I recap the interview
48:10 | What’s next for FCC coverage the rest of the week

Episode 2 (April 21, 2020)
Alex Stec and Charlie Hatch discuss how MLS academies could reshape after the end of the U.S. Development Academy, and talk to the one FCC player still playing soccer – but online!

To find out how the news impacts the FC Cincinnati Academy, they spoke with Larry Sunderland, FC Cincinnati’s director of player development, about the club’s support of youth soccer and how Sunderland is developing future leaders on and off the field.

The hosts also catch up with Fiddle, the club’s eMLS player, who just played with Kendall Waston in an epic first match in the eMLS Tournament Special against Chicago Fire FC on Sunday night. They ask Fiddle about some FIFA advice, which FCC player is better in real life than in the game and how Fiddle really, really wants to face Fatai Alashe!

Time | Segment
1:42 | Rundown of the show and discuss the major change for MLS academies and youth soccer across the country
3:09 | Interview segment with Larry Sunderland about the FCC Academy and the end of the U.S. Development Academy.
16:42 | Analyze Sunderland’s comments, his vision for youth soccer in Cincinnati and his insane connections!
19:02 | Interview segment with Fiddle about representing FC Cincinnati on FIFA, on player on primetime TV and eSports getting the credit they deserve.
35:38 | Charlie and Alex banter about Fiddle’s determination to play Fatai Alashe in FIFA.

Episode 1 (April 14, 2020)
In the debut episode, Charlie Hatch and Alex Stec discuss the unprecedented time we’re in, and bring the FCC faithful the latest info about the players, how they’re feeling and what the club is currently working on. Two guests join the first episode. Tom Gelehrter, the voice of FC Cincinnati, stops by to discuss how the club re-airs FCC Classics and what the experience has been like to this point. Siem de Jong is the first player interview, and he discusses what it’s like moving to a new team, only to have three training sessions before the season was suspended. He talks about how he’s handling the quarantine.

Time | Segment
05:35 | Interview segment with Tommy G on FCC Classics and second screening
16:47 | Reliving the week leading up to the home opener when the season was suspended
21:39 | Interview segment with Siem de Jong