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Corben's Corner: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Corben Bone, 07/06/17, 9:15AM EDT


Where do we go from here?

A question we’re dubiously asking ourselves.  

Last week was historic on so many levels.

Records are meant to be broken, but maybe not as often as we have. Our club and city continue to rewrite the book of our legacy faster than most.

However, after an evening like the other night it’s hard to come back down to reality. I think we can all agree cloud 9 is way up there.

Are all our games going to be like that? Can that feeling be replicated?

I’ll share a metaphor with you to describe this dilemma more vividly.

The night we played the Chicago Fire was a movie, and the Cinderella story ended just as sports movies do, the underdogs prevailing behind a hero that in the end propelled his team to victory.

And now, roll credits, everyone back to their lives.

As Nippert Stadium emptied out and we approached midnight we had no choice but to move on. Living in that moment forever would have been rather pleasing, but time marches on.

So the question remains, what happens now?

The truth of the matter is I boarded a plane to Florida with our team and we’ll be back on the field in no time, but you won’t be there.

Our 12th man – as we know it, 30k strong - will remain in Cincinnati lying dormant until they awake the city once more.

Our job, as a team, is to harness that momentum you instilled in us and use it to get results on the road because while they might not be as shiny, they are worth the same.

Every game left in the season is crucial. Each point we gain, or lose, dictates our playoff position.

So let me answer the question were debating, where do we go from here?

Simply, we go back to work until we find ourselves inside the gates of our fortress once more.

Despite the location, we roll our sleeves up and grind. We do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals on the road because that’s what championship teams do.

Those teams don’t ask questions, or take games off.

They understand that trophies rise with those who earn it, not just dream it.

Let’s keep rising together.

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