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FCC Year One in Pictures

By D.J. Switzer - Director of Communications, 08/13/16, 11:15AM EDT


Eight thousand, seven hundred and eight-four* hours.

Three hundred and sixty-six* days.

Twelve months.

Fifty-two point two-nine* weeks.

One year.

No matter the units you want to break down by, today -- August 12th, 2016 -- marks the completion of one trip around the sun for Fútbol Club Cincinnati. And what a trip around the sun it has been.

One year ago today, FC Cincinnati held its introductory press conference at the University of Cincinnati's Lindner Athletic Center. Joined by league figureheads, city leaders, a icon of US soccer, local businessmen, members of the press and contingents from the local soccer community, Berding stood in front of the crowd and promised that professional soccer would not only be returning to Cincinnati, but it would be doing so in a way never before seen in the city.

A year on, it's hard to argue that hasn't been done. 

So take a trip back in time with us as we take a photographic look back over the first 12 months of FC Cincinnati's existence, cataloging some of the most memorable moments in our club's young existence. 

* - 2016 is a leap year, thus the appearance of an extra 24 hours/1 day/0.143 weeks in the time frames at the top of the story. 

8/12/15: Hello World

Fall & Winter 2015: Building a Club

Early 2016: Building a Team

Preseason: Molding into Shape

Match One at Nippert: The Wait Is Over

Finding Our Feet in the Summer

Our Very Own Palace: The Premier League Comes to Cincinnati