Statement from FC Cincinnati

FCC Crest

To our fans who have inquired about the status of media credentials for Queen City Press:

In seven years over thousands of stories, FC Cincinnati has never rescinded a reporter’s credentials. Reporters are invited into FC Cincinnati’s Mercy Health Training Center and TQL Stadium – our workspaces – consistent with a tradition of integrity and trust between sports organizations and the media. Since its founding in 2015, FC Cincinnati has supported local journalism and coverage from its hometown newspapers, television and radio stations, and news media bloggers alike. We have no issue with critical yet professional coverage of the team, as it is the passion of fans for a successful team that drives the intensity of our support while we aim to proudly represent our community.

We had no intention of making this story public. However, since Laurel Pfahler has driven public attention to the matter, we have no choice but to provide answers to the many questions our fans are asking. Laurel has failed to act in accordance with the standards and practices of the Society of Professional Journalists and the MLS Notice of Credentials Use Conditions. She refuses to accept responsibility for her actions, despite multiple conversations and attempts at working together to forge a productive relationship between her and the club. Out of professional decorum, we will not be sharing the details publicly.

The decision to temporarily rescind her media credentials is meant to serve as an opportunity to reflect and rebuild based on trust, transparency and an adherence to a common set of standards and ethics associated with her role as a journalist. In the spirit of “All for Cincy,” we hope to move forward in a positive manner soon.