The Name

FC Cincinnati, a name that immediately resonated with the region and took hold both nationally and internationally, remains. However, the words from which “FC” is shortened have changed.

“Football Club Cincinnati” – the team’s full written name – will take the field in MLS. The name is to be shortened to FC Cincinnati on first reference. “FCC” is acceptable on second reference, as is “FC Cincy” if necessary. “FC” is not an acceptable reference at any time.

NOTE: The much-speculated name Fussball Club Cincinnati – or Fußball Club Cincinnati using the German character – is the formal, legal name of the club and its business units. It is not to be used in any sporting references to the team, or in any public discussion.

Our Colors

Club Values

The new MLS identity was built on the foundation the club laid in its first three years in the country’s second division, and honed to reflect the club’s vision for the future.

The MLS brand will help FC Cincinnati write a new chapter in its story and is focused on four core values:

  • Inclusivity
  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Passion

The club’s values are evident from the field, up through the stands and into the club’s business initiatives. FC Cincinnati is a safe haven for all, no matter a person’s background, resources or identity.

We are open and honest to our fans and our community, transparent in all we do – whether it’s the easy road to take or not. We will not shy away from hard topics, but rather embrace the opportunity to educate and establish who we are.

We are committed – not only to winning – but to providing the best experience and relationship to our fans and supporters. Our desire to better our community, both at micro and macro levels, is evident. As we begin construction on our new MLS stadium in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood, we’re dedicated to using our influence and resources to build and enhance the community in that neighborhood, as well as the Greater Cincinnati region as a whole.

Finally, passion should be evident in all we do. Whether it’s on the field, in the stands or in our day-to-day business in the community and with partners, a fervor for FC Cincinnati should be reflected at all times. There is no better representative for our club and its culture than a positive and energetic experience in anything in which the club is involved.

This is FC Cincinnati: MLS