NEW for 2020: SeatGeek is looking for nominations for our new Season Ticket Member Spotlight program!

One Season Ticket Member will be recognized every other week for their overall love of the team and their love of Cincinnati.

Each winner will win a SeatGeek swag bag.

Know someone – even yourself – who’d appreciate the love for loving FC Cincinnati and doing great work in the Greater Cincinnati region?

Nominate a Season Ticket Member now!

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 Week 14 Winner: Caroline Gaffigan

Caroline was nominated by her husband Tom: “Caroline has gone from the mother of kids who played soccer to a devoted FCC fan. She has become a student of tactics, scrutinizer of GAM/TAM, a Pride Norden member, and an exuberant backer of all things FCC!”

 Week 13 Winner: Kelsey Schildknecht

Kelsey was nominated by her husband Andrew: “She has stood by me, rain or shine, to attend FC Cincinnati games over the years. We were at the Philadelphia Union game in 2019 as it was pouring rain and she stayed with me for the full 90. She has even brought her parents into the Orange and Blue by inviting them to attend matches with us! I wouldn't be half the fan I am if it wasn't for her.”

 Week 12 Winner: Derrick Burdette

Eric nominated his friend Derrick: “Derrick got me excited about FCC and introduced me to soccer by taking me to the first game FCC played! He continues to support the Orange and Blue with his season tickets in The Bailey. He looks forward to supporting the team by cheering them on.”

 Week 11 Winner: Nick Roth

Besty nominated her co-worker Nick: “Nick is a devoted FCC fan and has been since day one. I have the joy of working with Nick and seeing how the FCC flag in his office - that just about takes up a whole wall- brings a smile to every face that passes! He shares his love of FCC with anyone who will listen and thoroughly enjoys the march across Clifton to start home games off right. He is looking forward to the new march route for West End Stadium!”

 Week 10 Winner: Jenny Rebennack

Greg nominated his wife Jenny “Jenny bought season tickets for our family back in 2017 as a Christmas gift and we've had those seats ever since! Jenny loves to sport her FC Cincinnati gear around game time and is instrumental in our family’s love of the Orange and Blue.”

 Week 9 Winner: Ken Moore

Ken was nominated by his friend Andrea McBride “He is a huge fan of soccer worldwide. He bought tickets for FCC at the start of the 1st season at Nippert. We went along with the idea because if Ken says it's worth supporting – We’re in! Through Ken, we jumped onboard at Nippert and we can't wait for the West End Stadium. He's our ambassador to FCC and has a Cincinnati soccer family. We sit together at matches and are looking forward to our Cincinnatus Club seats for next year. Since we have not been able to attend matches, he organizes our remote watch parties and keeps us updated on FCC news.”

 Week 8 Winner: John Butler

Patch and TJ nominated their dad John. “Our dad has been a STH for 3 years now and our tickets never go unused. He is a diehard FCC fan! He would deny that he should be recognized, but he deserves to for the time, money and effort he has spent advocating for FC Cincinnati in this city, to family, friends and peers. Soccer is something that always brought our family together and he wanted to continue that once he heard FCC would be starting up in town. We have 3 season tickets, but a large family, and he loves to take us to games and march from Mecklenburg Gardens into the stadium.” (PS: From all of us at FCC, Happy Birthday John!).

 Week 7 Winner: Chandler Cottrell

Chandler was nominated by his wife Caitlin. “My husband Chandler is the biggest FC Cincinnati supporter fan and nerd. He follows the players, the stats, the coaches and everything about the new stadium! Now he's passing the torch to our son, as he went to his first game last summer at 3 months old. We are looking so forward to being able to take him to more games. Chandler is a die-hard fan and will always be a season ticket holder.”

 Week 6 Winner: Paul Slater

Paul was nominated by his friend Zach Smith. “ Paul is the biggest soccer fan I've ever met and completely bleeds orange and blue. He was the person who got me into the team and convinced me to buy season tickets. Last year he led a lot of the cheers in General Admission, where it's a little difficult to hear the Bailey.

He is passionate about this city and what each of us can bring to the table to improve it, as evidenced by his involvement in local initiatives and politics. He deserves recognition for his support of the team and this Cincinnati community at large.”

 Week 5 Winner: Matt Kilgore

Matt was nominated by his wife Tricia Kilgore. “My husband is an avid FCC fan through and through! He loves everything soccer. He has played, coached, and refereed while managing to never missing a home game. He has traveled to Florida 3 times to watch FCC’s preseason friendlies at IMG Academy and has attend several away matches over the years.”

 Week 4 Winner: Kathleen Oetgen

Kathleen was nominated by her husband Brian Oetgen: “My wife spearheaded the process to get season tickets for our family on day one! We love the team and always make a day of it in a Clifton on game day! She is rallying our family for the upcoming shortened season and always coordinates FCC swag under our Christmas tree!”

 Week 3 Winner: Keith Morgan

Keith was nominated by Angela Babanskyj with the help of her son August: “August and I would like to nominate his soccer coach, Keith Morgan. Keith is a season ticket member, and always bringing out the best in the boys he coaches. Keith always encourages players by pointing out their strengths and helping them to improve. He also encourages the boys to watch pro soccer matches as well to learn.”

 Week 2 Winner: Becky Frakes

Becky was nominated by her husband Paul Spearman. “I would like to nominate my wife Becky Frakes, MD. Becky and I have been season ticket members since moving to Cincinnati in 2016. Becky is a great fan who loves to wear the Orange and Blue, almost never misses a match, is a member of Die Innenstadt, and loves to march with the crowd from Mecklenburg Gardens. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has continued to see patients at her Mercy Health primary care office.”

 Week 1 Winner: Sandor Szabo

Molly Szabo nominated her dad Sandor Szabo for the SeatGeek Season Ticket Member Spotlight - “He loves this team and being a Bailey season ticket member more than I can express to you. He’s older than most in that section by a couple decades, but he drinks beer, wears his orange and blue, and stands as long as his old man knees will allow before he takes a little break. My dad is the greatest guy and is always looking forward to the next game. Being an FCC Season Ticket Member has been the highlight of his retirement!”