Current Profiles of Interest for FC Cincinnati:
Current Profiles of Interest for FC Cincinnati:
Running 10 | Runs into box | Scoring goals | Good passing | Playing in between the lines | Active in non-possession | High stamina
Box-to-box I Creative I Able to connect in the final third | Easv on the ball | Good dribble | High stamina
Left Back
Agile | Fast | Overlap/underlap | Good passing
Left Central Defender
Footballing defender | Able to play with space in the back | Quick | Agile | Good in dribbling in | Dare to build up | Steady in 1V1
Left Winger
Right foot | Dribble | Good pace | Good in small spaces | Delivering goals and assists
Strong but agile | Able to connect Runs into spaces | Good connecting skills | Clinical finishing | Able to play in small spaces